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Over 3 billion people browse the internet on a regular basis all over the world. It has become a part of everyday life in our generation. To maximize the efficiency of the use of the internet, many laws and policies were put in place regarding use of the internet. Net neutrality is one of those policies. Net neutrality is a principle that the internet service providers (such as AT&T, Verizon, and Antietam cable) must treat all internet data the same. In other words, those large providers cannot charge extra money for browsing open websites which is also considered discrimination between internet users. The policy was repealed in December 2017, sparking a lot of outrage in the public eye. Net neutrality is very useful for learning, entertainment, and independent business growth and shouldn’t have been repealed. To begin with, the internet creates numerous advances for the educational field. Everyday in places all over the world, students, teachers, and even everyday, average, working class citizens use the internet to learn and memorize different things. For example, there are colleges that are based only online that offer actual degrees to people who can’t fit college into their working schedule and other reasons. There are learning sites such as Khan Academy that provide a variety of way for students to learn about all sorts of topics. Then there are informational blogs, articles, and videos all over the internet for everybody to access. A scholar once said “it can be inferred that learning management systems, MOOCs, open courseware, and games and simulations will all be affected when net neutrality is not maintained.”(“Yamagata-Lynch”) To sum that statement up, repealing net neutrality will greatly affect student learning and other means of internet negatively. The sites mentioned earlier are free to access and net neutrality keeps them that way. Most of the time we search google for answers that we don’t know and repealing net neutrality allows service providers to charge up to $2 per google search. Very unappealing. Many people everyday use the internet to entertain themselves. When citizens aren’t working and want to relax, they turn to the internet to watch movies, videos, games, etc. Net neutrality keeps those providers from charging extra fees to the users for entertainment. Just the cost for browsing netflix could be up to $15 dollars each time and $12 for each youtube video. Internet browsing could become very expensive and discourage people from using these for means of entertainment and anger them. Finally, charging the extra fees for internet use on sites that built a business around the internet don’t only affect the people browsing those sites, but also affect the businesses that created them. With the extra fees, many people would simply just stop using the internet because of how expensive it can get and just flat out anger the people to the point that they complete stop browsing. The businesses would be greatly affected because they will be losing customers and revenue, making it very likely they become bankrupt. In the proceedings of the 2010 net neutrality policy, the document read “No unreasonable discrimination. Fixed broadband may not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful traffic.”(“Connolly”) This means that no company can charge the extra service fees based on how they browse the internet. The repeal puts independent businesses in jeopardy. It is true that repealing net neutrality will give less power to the government and more power into our business industry. With net neutrality in place, the government controls the data usage as a free right and controls the charging policies as well. There are a good amount of citizens who believe that is a bad thing. But the fact is, with the government policies in place, the business industry is prohibited from from charging the extra service fees for different citizens use of browsing. So in this case, the government having control of the internet is a positive thing for everyday browsing habits. Also, It is believed that repealing net neutrality and giving more power to larger internet companies wouldn’t matter a whole lot because the internet marker would just take care of itself. Charging the extra fees from internet data discrimination would just cause companies to lose customers and go out of business. To be truthful, we never know how our citizens would react to these fees and charges. Our society surely relies on the internet for multiple things everyday. Others are just plain addicted to the internet and can’t stop using because they feel bored and possibly even helpless without it. Most teenagers on average spend almost 27 hours a week on the internet. That is astounding. The fact of the matter is that even if companies charge the extra charging fees, our society would probably still use the internet although they may go broke doing so. Developing our children’s brains, keeping ourselves busy, and building businesses all are made possible and more efficient with net neutrality in place. Net neutrality is undoubtedly helpful to our societies internet habits. It also promotes business growth and creates many jobs for our country.

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