Outsourcing call centers in India

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This work is an overview of the outsourcing call centers in India. The work has covered different areas related to the outsourcing business. It has covered the advantages and the disadvantages of practicing the business. Also it covers the effect of the business on the economy. The effects by different factors have also been discussed.

“Outsourcing call centers in India”

In India, the call outsourcing business has become well know. This is because the business operators in this country are after earning profit. They do so by cutting down their expenses. Also, their services are of high quality to enable them to be more competitive. This type of business is taken as one of the wisest decision one can make.

In addition, it is also taken as the best business option. Outsourcing services in India are affordable. Also, the services offer high quality work. In addition, there is maximum utilization of time and the available resources (MoneyBlueBook, 2011).

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India has a time zone advantage in this business. India is 12 hour ahead in the time zone compared to America. This enables the two countries to work together. In addition when Americans operate from India, it is cheap. The reason is that they are able to get cheap labor as compared to their country.

American organizations that offer outsourcing services don’t take chances in setting their business in India. This is due to the above mentioned factors (The Christian Science Monitor, Nd).

India has been preferred by many organizations in the world. This is in terms of the outsourcing services. This is in comparison to countries like China and Malaysia. Call centers in India have many benefits compared to other countries. There are several reasons that have made India to meet the international demand for these services.

One is the affordable services. In addition they have call centers that have a lot of concern for the customers. Thirdly, the qualified workforce plays a greater role (Flatworld solutions, 2011).

The level of educated workforce in India is very high. Different people have different qualification. This is in terms of the IT literates, experience and skills. The population that can communicate in English in India is very high. India is the second country with a high population that can communicate in English after USA.

The number of college graduates is ever growing. This gives India an advantage of increased resources. On the other hand, the large population of workforce works at lower prices (Axiom BPO Services, 2008).

Several of specialized outsourcing services are offered in India. These services include, inbound call center. Also, telemarketing services are offered. In addition, technical helpdesk services are offered among the others. IT enabled services are also offered. These services include accounting services.

Also, transaction processing services are among them. In addition, remote network management also is part of the IT enabled service offered. Expert product solutions are non exception of the services offered by the call centers in India. An example is risk modeling.

Also, data mining service is offered. In addition, actuarial services are offered among the others (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2011). India has the time advantage. A difference of twelve hours between India and USA occurs. This difference in time enables USA’s organizations to serve their customers throughout the year.

The infrastructure in India is of high standard. This enables the call centers to offer good services. Also, the high standard infrastructure enhances customer care services.

Call centers in this country use recent technologies. Also, they have the best software. Privatization is highly practiced in India. Also, tariffs on internet are of low cost. In addition, telecom and cellular services are extremely cheap (McPhate, 2005).

Affordable call center services are offered in India. The low price does not affect the quality of services offered. The cheap labor has enabled call centers to offer quality services throughout the year. Many global corporations have been encouraged to invest in India due to the above contributing factors (Vcare, 2009).

In conclusion, India has been able to do well in the call outsourcing services due to several contributing factors. These factors are cheap labor and time zone advantages. In addition, the advanced technology and improved infrastructure plays a greater role.

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