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The Outsiders is a movie about teenagers who Are always facing conflicts around
themselves. The teens are represented in many different ways throughout the
movie. There will be many questions asked like are these teens realistically
portrayed, Are they like any other teen you know, and is it worth doing what
these teens do throughout the movie? The teens are represented good and bad.

They are represented good when they are hiding out at the church, there is a
fire in the church with a bunch of kids in there and on of the boys run in to
save the kids the other two jump in to help save them. The make the front cover
of the newspaper. They risked their lives to save the kids and the one boy had
to get rushed to the hospital to get treated for serious burns. The teen were
represented with the cloths that they wear, the Socs were all dressed up in
dress pants and polo shirts for the preppy look. The greasers were dresses up as
if they didnt care what they look like, they had long greasy hair, blue jeans
and a T-shirt. If I were the teen at the scene of the fire I dont think that
I would go into the church unless I knew someone in there and they really needed
help. The teens were realistically portrayed when one of the guys from the Socs
wanted to talk to the Greaser in the blue mustang to talk to him about some of
his problems. The one Greaser asked the other on what to do and he said nothing
legal, they went under the fence to watch a movie in the drive in theater. These
teens are like the teens that we have in our city, because we have gangs in our
city and there are bound to be against each other. There are teens who smoke and
have the tough guy attitude like some in our city. The gangs are the rich Socs
verse the poor Greasers, they are always seeing to see who has more power. The
final brawl showed who had more power and the Greasers won. These issues are
accurate that they showed, it is in our every day live that we come across such
issues affecting our media. There are also many stereotypes out there that are
in the movie and out in the real world.

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