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“A journey to the center of the earth”
“Twenty thousand leagues under the sea”
are just a few titles, this are just s few examples of the great adventurous, scientific and imaginative novels Jules Verne wrote.

Today i would like to inform you about this great man, Jules Verne, this genius consider the Father of Science Fiction.

Jules Verne was and is still know as a great author, a scientist and a well-rounded man
So to start out we can go deeply on some of these aspects of his life.

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a) Jules Gabriel Verne was born in 1828, in Nates, France. He was an adventurous child. He ran away once as a child, when he was eleven years old to be exact; and came upon a small boy who was crying. The boy said he had to leave his family on a ship, but he didn’t want to, so for a small sum the boy agreed to let Jules take his place.

He thought he was going to have an adventure but his father caught up with the ship before it got very far and took Jules home to punish him. Jules said that after that he would only travel in his imagination, and he certainly did.


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