Our school (St. Michael Parish School) is unquestionably different from other schools. This is because the students here strive to do positive and influential things in the parish, the community, and throughout the world. The students at SMPS are determined to do their most finest and outstanding work throughout the years. They are also single-mindedly and strong-willed to not only make a more desirable life for themselves, but the community and the  people in the parish too. They also strive to help not only themselves or the parish, but anyone who is in need or help with anything, they will attempt and put in effort in to help and support you through anything that is difficult to deal with. The teachers in St. Michaels Parish School are concentrated and focused on advancing and expanding our knowledge and education to further our careers throughout life. The principle, teachers, assistants, aids, etc, are all about giving their time to the students. Whether it be in class, after class, when you have free time, or even after school hours when their done teaching, they still want to make sure you have all the support and guidance you need to further on throughout life. Teachers at this school not only teach, but they have fun when doing it, and we have fun learning about the subject their teaching about. Even with all the things they have to worry about, they still make it a priority to help out in anyway they can. The priests at St. Michael Parish School are remarkable and outstanding when it comes to teaching about the things that really matter. They teach us at a pace that we are appropriate and comfortable with. Without them there would be no acknowledgement or attention paid to the great things Jesus and God did for the earth. They are superior when helping out the parish, Whether it be talking to the students or helping out with activities for the school, they are always wanting to further the growth of this school. Priests play an important role in the parish, and without them, most of this would not be possible.

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