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ose Urrutia, born in Bilbao, began his adventures in the world of
hairdressing by double: he began his studies in hairdressing the same day he
began to work as an assistant in a salon. Over the years he learns
professionally, acquires techniques, speed and responsibility in salon
management. He spent 4 years as an Officer in Arantza García Salon, where he
was chosen to participate in the Revlon’s
contest for young professionals.

Just 7 years after his beginnings as a hairdresser, in October 1998 he inaugurates Jose Urrutia Hairdressing
Salon. The desire to grow professionally does not cease, which is why Jose
Urrutia has been forming constantly. His own style has just been defined at the
Tigi Training Academy in London,
along with his method for the male cut,
which he develops with American Crew.

His path is slowly moving towards a new motivation: the creation of his
own collections. After participating in numerous fashion shows and photo
shootings, in 2012 Jose decides to start turning the formations in which he
participated towards a more creative field. Editorial formations with Manuel Mon, of styling with Gonzalo Zarauza or about global trends
with Miquel García. In this way he
learns how to improve his style, his professionalism and he learns how to
create his own collections.

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Jose Urrutia is also a professional photographer. He immortalizes
himself his own collections and has worked in the wedding sector as a
photographer, which has given him a notable popularity as a bridal consultant.

Soon his collections begin to see the light in professional magazines,
and in a short time Jose decides to become a member of the Club Fígaro and at the same time present his works to
competitions like the Style Master, Premios Fígaro, or the AIPP.

Today he combines this creative facet with daily work in his salon, his
collaboration in shootings and concerts, and his participation in important
fashion shows such as Navarra Fashion
Week or Moda Bilbao. In
addition, he is part of the team of Revlon

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