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January 2018

should go to church   

people may feel alone sometimes. Almost everyone has felt alone and in some
cases depressed about their lives or any other problem that may affect their lives.
One of the places that people can rely and visit for help or any other problem
is Church. Church has been an institution that has helped millions of people
through the country. It’s a place that works based on the bible, the most sold
book all time, and help us to follow the path that God wants for us. In some
families, going to church every week is a sacred tradition that keeps families
together and helps people to raise their child properly by giving us the tools
to be good parents and raise our child in order to be functional citizens in
our community. Church is an institution that helps people to raise their child
with good values such as faith, respect, among others. Children are the future
of society, and even those who do not have children should be concerned about
the direction of the culture they have. Just because church has lost many of
followers does not mean people should avoid it. Our culture needs a spiritual life by going to church in
order to make their lives better at all aspects. People should go to Christians
churches in order to be happy.

    One of the good things that going to church
offers is making connection with new people. Every week a new person comes in
and join Christianity. Having the opportunity to know new people increase your
opportunity of being successful. I have heard of people that met at
church and have become the best friends or even people that could find a job by
knowing the right person at the right moment.I have met many people not only
during my time in ministry but also my time being a Christian. Some people are
exactly like me while others are the complete opposite. I get the chance to
meet and connect with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise if it were not for
being a regular church attender. Being in relationship with people who are the
opposite of me can be frustrating at times but it helps me work on making me a
better person because of those relationships. In either scenario, I connect
with people in a unique way and discover things about myself I would have never
had the opportunity to do otherwise. Having the opportunity to share ideas and
opinions with people that may think different than others enrich our minds and
makes us to see the world from other point of view.

   Another good thing about going to church
often is to find our purpose in life. Teenagers often feel confused about what
they want to be when they grow up. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I
have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.” God has a plan for all of us. He knows the
hairs on our heads and has ordered every one of our steps. But finding out what
that purpose and plan is easier said than done. As members of your church get
to know you, they can speak words of encouragement and affirmation into your
life. They can help navigate through the muddy waters we call life. Seeking wise
counsel is one of the many benefits of being a part of a church, and something
that is difficult to find outside family members and close friends. Having a
good purpose in life increases the opportunities of having a good life. Most of
people have a purpose in life and going to church frequently increases your
opportunities to know and understand who you are, where are you know and what
you really want to be. Even though church do not fix everything
and thoughts about it such as Church is irrelevant, the leaders are hypocritical
and leaders have experienced too much moral failure.

    Even though church is a sacred place, some
people do not think that way. Some people think that church do not fix
everything and thoughts about it such as church is irrelevant, the leaders are
hypocritical and leaders have experienced too much moral failure. However, this
are only a few bad things that church has dealt with. Definitely there are more
good things than bad ones. Another important thing that churches offer is to
feel comfortable there, like if we were at home. One thing that people often
finds in church is their talents. Church gives us confidence in order to develop
our talents our gifts that we were born with. God has gifted each one
of us not only with natural talents, like singing or playing an instrument, but
also with spiritual gifts, that when used, build up the church body in unique
ways. If you don’t know what your gifts are, I encourage you to take a
spiritual gifts inventory or read biblical passages such as 1 Corinthians
12-14, Romans 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4. If you still don’t know what they
are, find someone who can affirm the gifts they see in you. Sometimes others
can see what we have trouble seeing in ourselves. Once you have confirmed those
gifts, talk to a pastor or ministry head and see where you might best be suited
to use those gifts. Maybe it is an existing ministry, or maybe your church is
missing an important ministry that you can create yourself! The possibilities
are endless.

   Going to church in a daily
basis increases your opportunities of having a better in a future. Getting to
know new people following the good ideals of a Christian church develops our
capacity to tolerate others and make a more productive and peaceful community.
Church often helps people to let them see what they are doing wrong and leads
to a change of mentality by finding what is their purpose in life and what they
want to be in order to fit in benefit of today’s society. The confidence that
people feel in this sacred place in rarely found in other place. Basically
going to church brings a lot of benefits and people should consider this in
order to have 

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