Organizing as One of the Manager’s Functions

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Every organization needs to ensure to run smoothly and, on order to achieve its goals, each organization develops its management concepts. The position of the manager includes the responsibilities include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These are the four basic functions of management and they are essential to reach the company’s goals. It is important to understand relationships between those functions and the ways to operate them in order to provide a smooth running of the company.

We consider that organizing is one of the most important functions of management that is the basis of the stability of the company and its organization. Thus, in this paper, we are going to discuss the organizing function of management and provide its importance.Structuring the work of organization is a very important process. Organization is a matter of distribution of responsibilities among individuals that work together in order to achieve a common purpose and accomplish the goal of organization.

A manager must be know well all the employees and their abilities in order to organize their activities and work in the most appropriate way (Bateman & Snell, 2007). This can be achieved through the managing of the staff and planning their work and responsibilities appropriately. It is also important to set up the training for the employees, get the necessary resources, and try to organize the work group in a well-organized and productive team (Allen, 1998).

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In addition, it is also important that manager to go over the working plan with the team and break the assignments into separate units that will be carried out by member of the team. One more important function of manager is to link related jobs together in a well-organized way and appoint opportunities for the individuals (Allen, 1998).

In order to be a good manager and be able to organize the work of the team and each individual, it is important to possess good organization skills and have the ability to be flexible and find alternatives solutions to the same problems. The organizing function of management is based on the principles of the organization theory. Thus, in order to ensure good organization of the company, it is important to take into account the main principles of the organization theory. Daft (2009) provides that:

Organization theory focuses on the organizational levels of analysis but with concern for groups and the environment. To explain the organization, one should look not only at its characteristics bur also at the characteristics of the environment and of the department and groups that make up the organization.

Thus, we can conclude that managers should be well aware of the specific characteristics of the organization, the character of relationships among working groups and different departments, as well as analyze the collection of organizations that are the parts of the company.

Organization theory deals with people behavior and peculiarities of the organizational behavior at different levels of organization, “organization theory might be considered the sociology of organization, while organizational behavior is the psychology of organization” (Daft, 2009). This idea leads to a conclusion that manager should be well aware in sociological and psychological issues as well.

Jones and Bartlett (n. d.) identify organizing as:

The design of a pattern of roles and relationships that contribute to the goal. Roles are assigned, authority and responsibility are determined, and provision is made for coordination. Organizing typically involves the development of the organization chart, job description, and statements of workflow.

In different phases in work of organization, some functions of management can take the lading or secondary role. However, the organizing function will always be important. The statement provided above presents the functional responsibilities of a manager.

The manager should deal with physical and human resources. According to Beck & Schornack (n. d.), “the organizing function of management structures these resources both through physical location and through sets of interrelationships”. From this definition of the organizing process, we can come to a conclusion that organizing function of management plays an important role in supporting communication within the organization.

An appropriate organization of the company’s work supports the dynamic of communication among different departments and free exchange of important information between different departments and sections of the organization. Thus, we can come to a conclusion that organizing function of a manager includes one more important responsibility: to ensure free exchange of important information among employees.

Thus, from the sources mentioned in this paper, I have learned more about four basic functions of management and got an in-depth understanding of the organizing function. Thus, organizing function of management is very important to ensure smooth running of the organization.

Organizing function presuppose dealing with such issues and human and functional resources, planning and ensuring communication between different departments of the company. In order to organize the work of the company, manager should be well aware of abilities of each employee. Among the four functions of management, the organization function requires from manager being well aware of the environment of the company. Manager should distribute responsibilities among teams and individuals.

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