Opioids more than 59,000 people in 2016, more

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Opioids are a diverse class of moderately strong
painkillers which with their potency and availability have made them popular,
both as formal medical treatments and as recreational drugs. On October 26,
2017, President Trump, vowing to alleviate issue of drug addiction and abuse,
demanded the Department of Health as well as Human Services declare the opioid
crisis a public health emergency vowing to alleviate issue of drug addiction
and abuse. However, it’s a shame that President Trump’s opioid commission said
little about demand-side prevention. The report emphasizes the use of opioids in
school-based settings but leaves out necessary prevention programs for younger
children and older adults.

have claimed the lives of more than 59,000 people in 2016, more than guns or
car accidents and doing so even faster than the H.I.V epidemic. The overuse of
these drugs can cause a series of health complications along with the
possibility of death. Every day more babies are unfortunately born addicted to
opioids because of the mothers use of the drugs during pregnancy. Children with
addicted parents are sent to foster homes and drug abusers are sent to already
overflowing jails. Though few children use or misuse opioids, there are some
programs that can help to prevent their use at older ages, by identifying risk
factors and countering them. If this crisis is not dealt with soon the opioid
crisis will claim the lives of thousands more in the years to come.



As previously stated,
it is a shame that Trump’s opioid commission said little about demand-side
prevention. It would be a lot less costly to stop the misuse of opioids before
they even begin than to deal with the aftermath and according to an analysis by
the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, many prevention programs are
cost effective. These prevention programs can potentially help thousands of
children, teenagers and even adults avoid drug misuse by strengthening their
social skills, decision- making and social connections to parents, friends and
the community.

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the number of opioid related deaths continue to increase it is clear that
something must be done to address this issue. Beating this crisis will require
more than just changes to the health care policy. If
we wish to be rid of this epidemic, a step in the right direction would be for
users to be given the proper treatment needed in order to end the cycle of
addiction. It will require educating people all across the country on the
serious dangers of abusing drugs (and monitoring prescriptions) by having
prevention programs to educate young children and teenagers so they can avoid
the misuse of opioids.

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