Operation out to anyone involved in the scandal

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Operation Car Wash”, launched in 2014, initially focused on agents who used small businesses, such as petrol stations and car washes, to launder the profits of crime. It was then discovered that the agents were working for executives at the well known petroleum company, Petrobras. The exposed web of corruption led to the director of refining and supply, Paulo Roberto Costa. Costa then described how they had been purposely spending large amounts on contracts with many different companies. “The contractors they had been hiring formed an agreement to ensure they were guaranteed business if they agreed to channel a share of between 1% and 5% of every deal into secret slush funds.” (Watts, 2017)  The Petrobras directors then used the money to bribe the politicians who had originally appointed them, or to the political parties that they represented. Bribes were passed out to anyone involved in the scandal in many different forms, some as helicopters and others as expensive bottles of wine. These types of bribes have led to many different questionable decisions made by politicians, potentially because of their illegal counterparts influence. In 2010, the first female president was elected into Brazil’s office: Dilma Rousseff. Rousseff won a reelection in 2014 but was accused of being apart of the Operation Car Wash scandal while she served as chair of Petrobras when the alleged corruption took place. It was thought that Rousseff used money from the secret funds of the operation to fund her reelection campaign in 2013, this lead to her impeachment on the April 17th, 2016. Another example of possible corruption from Operation Car Wash, is the Amazonian deforestation bill. The current president of Brazil, Temer, passed the bill and is under investigation as to if he is connected to the scandal. Temer also has charges filed against him for racketeering, which several of his party’s politicians, already in jail also have the same charges



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