One overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. Why do

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One of the most common causes of human uncertainty is
associated with insecurity in themselves, in their abilities and
strengths. Probably everyone knows a feeling of insecurity. It can
manifest itself with fear, expressing an original opinion, allowing oneself to
spontaneity, expressing oneself or one’s feelings. Often self-doubt is
manifested as shame or a feeling of inadequacy, full of confidence that you are
“not” … (like, coped, worthy, right, good, etc.). Uncertainty
in itself is a much broader and more important concept than it is customary to

Often we mistakenly believe that successful, self-confident
people are not subject to any doubts, absolutely sure of any choice, never
regret anything and always know what to do. Alas, this judgment is far
from the truth. Even the most optimistic leaders are reviewing their point
of view and their decisions. In the process of their ascent on the ladder
of success, they all repeatedly encountered bouts of uncertainty, because this
is an absolutely normal human response to emerging life problems. However,
it did not force them to abandon overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

Why do we feel uncertain?

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 Ignorance of yourself. We live in a
world of many roles, which in psychology are called identities. Each
person during his life lives several roles: son or daughter, student, worker, husband,
wife, and many others.
Behind these roles, the person no longer particularly remembers who he really
is, because he is identified with these roles.

lack of meaning in life

Most people live their lives, having a very
vague idea of ??why they live. This leads to a loss of motivation, so you
have to force yourself, do something, and work does not satisfy. And what
kind of self-confidence can there be if a person does not understand why all
this is necessary.

Personal boundaries

We create boundaries around ourselves and don’t
allow anyone to enter there.

There are many other reasons that make you feel

Don’t underestimate yourself and feel bad for yourself; you
can do what others can do. You just have to learn and work hard to achieve it. If
you are not good at anything it doesn’t make you unqualified or weird.  Don’t think that life was unfair to you, it
just that you didn’t get enough chances or you didn’t saw your chances.

Don’t judge yourself, just start doing what you want to do
and slowly you will reach the position where you want to be. Always communicate
with positive people, who help you to keep moving forward. When you
understand, that you are something certain – the confidence in yourself
naturally increases. A sense of certainty increases self-confidence.

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