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      One of the issues discussed by H.Yang 16 is how experiential learning (EL)
activities influence the employability skills of entry-level hotel graduates in
china and their resulting learning satisfaction. By exploring the types of EL
activities used to examine hospitality students in China using 16 EL elements;
which are: Co-operative study, Field trips , Internships , Job shadowing
,Practice-orientated education, Project-based learning, Sandwich degrees or
courses, Virtual learning, Guest speaker, Role play, Case study, Laboratory activities,
Certificate-based learning, Professional skills competition, Event-based
learning, Summer-hire programs.  Their
survey sample was conducted in 25 hotels for hotel employees who had just
graduated from university- and college-level, 450 valid questionnaires were
collected in this study and tested using both exploratory factor analysis (EFA)
and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The results found that the practical
learning activities are found to make the greatest contribution to
employability skills and learning satisfaction, followed by professional
skill-related activities and school-based activities.  Practical learning activities are useful
tools in hospitality education for replacement of traditional classroom
teaching. Also activities include field trips, internships and job shadowing
(involvement in job shadowing helps them to prepare for their future careers),
all will influence positively on student learning by providing experience and
employment opportunities.  In their
results listed some of solutions to EL as follows: three activities were found
to be connected to the country’s community-level competitions and award-based
education which are :a) Certificate-based learning refers to activities or
programs that award certification in practical hotel skills, b) professional
skill competitions is to develop students’ practical skills and improve actual
hotel operational performance, c) Event-based that offers to students new
opportunities to gain work experience in the hospitality arena. And on
organizational (school) level there is School-based activities include
project-based learning, sandwich degrees and role plays that can transfer
knowledge learnt at university to the field of practice, These forms of
learning are considered as functional teaching practices for encouraging active
EL. So, in general EL can enhance both learning satisfaction and career


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