On-line experience: If you have any work experience,

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On-line work 8- Interviewing (Part 1) 





By: Manpreet Kaur Benipal


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us what you did to prepare for the interview?


Ø Search Company: First thing you have to search company where
you want to do job related to your position in which field you want to do work.
There are number of websites. Choose company one of them.


Ø Communication
Skills: You should have
strong communication skills, Firm handshake, standing straight, high level
confidence, talk without fumble, don’t get nervous and confused, talk
positively. It is the best beginning of your interview and have chances to finish
it quickly.


Ø Prepare
all the basic questions and their answer: You should know all the basics
related to your field and don’t get confused while answering the questions.




Ø Bring all the documents: Bring all the
documents that you have need during fill up the applications and take some
copies of documents like resume, cover letter and your references.


Ø How to dress up for interview: You have to wear dress
according to the position for which you are going for an interview. It should be
wrinkle free, neat and clean and wear toe cover shoes.



us about yourself?

Ø Personal Introduction: Primarily you should give your information,
your name and your strength points.


Ø Education: After your personal information that tell
them about your education what you did in past.


Ø Reveal your interests and share your experience: If you have any work
experience, explain your basic and advanced skills that related to the vacancy.


Ø Be Honest: Give them true information about your
education, experience, be positive and talk with confidence.




a time in which you set an important goal in the past and tell me about your
success in achieving it.

Ø I have set passionate
goal after high school education. I have done Secondary education with Non-
Medical stream. And I decided to do B.Tech with Computer Science and
Engineering because of my interest in that field. I want to be a successful software
engineer. To achieve this goal I work hard and I put all my dedications.


  Tell me about a time at work or school when you have
worked on a team?

have worked in a team during my graduation. We have done projects in a team. I
did work on projects related to java, Php, Android. I have covered basics of
languages while worked on these projects. I have done these projects during 6 weeks
training. I did work on Android project during 6 months training in a team.




  Relate a time in which you had to use your verbal
communication skills in order to get an important point across?

have ability and capacity to learn different languages. I have used verbal
communication skills during presentations. I love to talk with people who related
to different community.





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