OBJECTIVES of the labor cost, and remaining 60

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1.     Efficient materials planning

2.     Buying or Purchasing

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3.     Storing and inventory control

4.     Procuring and receiving

5.     Supply and distribution of materials

6.     Good supplier and customer relationship

7.     Improved departmental efficiency

8.     Quality assurance




achieve all these objectives, it is mandatory to establish harmony and good
co-ordination between all the employees of material management department and
this department should have good co-ordination with the other departments of
the organization to serve all production centers.

Literature review

management can be defined as a process that coordinates planning, assessing the
requirement, sourcing, purchasing, transporting, storing and controlling of
materials, minimizing the wastage and optimizing the profitability by reducing
cost of material. Building materials account for 30 to 40 percent of the labor
cost, and remaining 60 to 70 percent of direct cost of a project or a facility.
The similar studies regarding this paper shows that material management is the
backbone of of construction industry. Researchers   Pande
and Sabihudd in Materials management and techniques incorporate that material
management is critical component of the construction industry. The summary of
this paper is the timely flow of materials and equipment to the jobsite, and
thus facilitate improved work face planning, increased labor productivity,
better schedules, and lower project costs. The portion of total cost of
material may be 52% of total cost; so that it plays vital role for contractor
to consider that timely availability of material is potential cause of successful
completion of project. Similarly, further Researchers – Patil and Pataskar,
Georgekutty and Georgemathew, Deepak and Kumar and Madhavi and Mathew  focus on material management to improve the
techniques and methods for the material management. According to studies
efficient procurement plays key role in completion of project timely. Effective
management also reduces the cost of the project. This paper also explores the
current practices of Material Managements.By material management project will
be complete, in time or complete at a later stage leaving cost and time overrun
and cost overrun is minimized. Generally projects with material management leds
to the gist of observation and gap identification in certain research areas. Therefore,
if the material management is not properly managed it will create a project cost
variance and the main problem of procurement is related to schedule delays and
lack of specified quality for the project. To prevent this situation, it is
often necessary to dedicate important resources like money, personnel, time,
etc. To monitor and control the processes, it is best to deal with the good
project manager.



Effects of Miss Material Management

The identified effects of lack of material management
were time overrun, cost overrun, dispute, arbitration, total abandonment and
litigation, as shown in Table 1.

1. The Effects of miss material Management

of miss material Management













Through questionnaire evaluation and empirical
methods, the effects of construction delays were assessed and the findings
showed that time and cost overruns were the most frequent effects of lack of
material management.

Minimizing lack of material management

questionnaire survey is used to collect data from construction practitioners.
The following are factors that can be applied as a method of minimizing
Material management delays: competent project manager,
multidisciplinary/competent project team, availability of resources, commitment
to projects, frequent progress meetings, accurate initial time estimates for
perfect material management, awarding bids to the right/experienced consultant
and contractor whose reputations are good, proper emphasis on past experience,
community involvement, systematic control mechanisms, effective strategic
planning, clear information and communication channels, use of up-to-date
technology, and use of logistics approach.

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