Obesity (America’s Obesity Epidemic, 1). This problem is

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Obesity in America


            “People who lie to themselves about investing are the
same as obese people who blame their genes for their obesity,” a quote by
Robert Kiyosaki. This is especially true in America, in which obesity is
turning into an epidemic. According to “The Obesity Campaign”, two-thirds of
adults and nearly one-third of children in America are obese (America’s Obesity
Epidemic, 1). This problem is not getting any better either. According to “The
Trust for American’s Health,” if the obesity rates stay consistent, 50 percent
of the U.S. population will be obese by 2030 (America’s Obesity Epidemic, 1).

People need to stop kidding themselves and realize the real problem of obesity,
lifestyle choices. Although there are some rare conditions and uncontrollable
diseases which cause obesity, most of the time it is due to poor health
decisions. Obesity is a lifestyle choice caused by a person’s diet, lack of
exercise, and overall knowledge and unwillingness to listen about the problem.

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            One of the main causes of obesity is a person’s bad diet.

Too many people these days are eating too many processed foods and fast food.

The amount of calories people consume has a direct impact on weight gain. If
people consume more calories than burned, the person’s weight will increase.

According to “The United States Department of Agriculture,” Americans now
consume 31 percent more calories today than they did 40 years ago (Importance
of Nutrition, 1). Food isn’t the only factor in obesity, sugary drinks can be a
vital cause of obesity as well. Sugary drinks increase the risk of weight gain.

According to “The Harvard School of Public Health,” half of Americans consume
some kind of sugary drink each day (Ogden, 17). Furthermore, a person’s diet
has a major effect on whether he or she will become obese or not.

            Another main cause of obesity is lack of exercise.

Regular exercise can help reduce body fat and protect against diseases
associated with obesity. Many obese people make excuses on why they can’t
exercise, but they fail to realize how easy it is to exercise. Any kind of
exercise is good exercise, even little things such as; taking the stairs
instead of the elevator or parking farther away from the house or office and
walking a little extra. “The Department of Health,” recommends around two hours
of moderate exercise every week and about 50 percent of people in America are
not getting the recommended amount of exercise (Importance of Exercise, 2).

Many Americans work eight to ten hours a day and sleep another eight to ten
hours. That leaves around four to eight hours of free time each day and there
is no reason why at least twenty minutes of that time could be used for some
kind of exercise. Many Americans also have office jobs where they sit at a desk
all day and then come home and sit down again to watch TV the rest of the
night. Everyone who regularly exercises will tell people that there is nothing
better than exercising after a long and stressful day. Obviously, people who
have never exercise regularly will struggle the first few times, but the
rewards in the end will lead to a happier, and healthier lifestyle.

            Finally, a very overlooked cause of obesity is the
overall poor knowledge and unwillingness of people to listen about the problem.

Despite the heavy evidence of the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, it
is still ignored by the mass. A big factor in the lack of knowledge about this
problem is the environment in which the person grows up in. Many people apply
the things taught to them by their parents and other family members into their
own life. That is why there is rarely only one or two outlier family members
that are overweight. Usually many family members are obese together because
they all learned the same things from the same people. Diane Abbott says,
“Tackling childhood obesity is key to reduce the problem.” Schools need to
start giving kids healthier options and parents need to start teaching kids at
a very young age, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Certainly there
is a lot more that goes into the problem of obesity, but gaining a better
knowledge of the problem will help tremendously.

            In conclusion, there are many lifestyle choices that go
into preventing obesity. “Obesity is currently the second leading cause of
preventable death and might soon surpass cigarette smoking as the leading
cause,” a quote by Thomas Wadden. It is time for people to stop blaming genes
and realize that there are many different healthy lifestyle choices that can be
made to help prevent obesity. People need to start eating healthier and
exercising more or obesity will soon become the leading cause of preventable
deaths in America.

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