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This article by Emma Woollacott entitled Obesity Could Be Catching, is a medical related article. This article tries to find obesity related issues leading to the infection of liver diseases.

Briefly, the article clearly seeks to illustrate reasons behind the occurrences of obesity and its side effects, for instance infections. Moreover, the article points out the way Yale scientist tested mice and found out that they could develop Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. They also came to the conclusion that antibiotic treatment of mice could bring microbial composition back to normal.

NAPLD can also be found in humans; 30 million people suffer from it in the United States. NAPLD leads to obesity and diabetes. Scientists hope they can find a treatment or cure for humans (Woollacott p. 1). They are eager to find a lasting solution of the liver disease that has affected many people in the world. The article highlights the process carried out to detect how the microbes that cause obesity could be transferred from one person to the other (Woollacott p. 1).

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It is necessary to note that this is not directly administered to human beings. Given that it is an experiment, scientists are keen on using animals first until facts prove that it is safe for human. It was clear from the experiment that the microbes causing the disease are contagious since the healthy mice kept with the infected were found to be possessing microbes (Woollacott p. 1).

Woollacott further indicates that there are certain proteins responsible for the development of an immune system. The article also gives the discoveries by the Yale University team on the presence of the same inflammasomes microbes that profoundly contribute to the liver disease known as the “non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD” (Woollacott E p. 1).

Woollacott further says that the experiments prove that this comes along with other disease such as diabetes being also a serious cause of the deadly liver infections found in the western world. The article gives statistics on the people who suffer from the NAFLD infections in the US only.

It is shocking to note this is a serious threat to the future health. It is estimated that approximately 30 million suffer from NAFLD. These people are at the risk of contracting cirrhosis and the liver cancer (Woollacott E p. 1). It is alarming that even today no reason has been given to this.

Since proper research and documented proof is available, this research is valid. The statistics given in the article reflects a true finding. It is my heartfelt opinion that permission should be granted for it to move to the next stage.

Donors should be willing to finance the project since many Americans are at risk. Once the experiments are done on human and proved to be efficient, many lives will be saved. The government should as well be willing to sponsor volunteers to undertake the experiments. Medical findings in America should be given priorities.

Good incentives should be given to the devoted scientists to keep on the spirit of finding permanent health solutions for Americans. The experiments done on mice will be positive since mice are mammals meaning that their body systems are similar to those of the human beings, which gives the scientists some confidence that positive results will be obtained.

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