Nowadays, I worked in various types of

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Nowadays, Technology plays a significant
role since it has developed communication between different countries. In
recent decades, the whole world seems to be connected, that is the main reason
why people today become more competitive. I worked in various types of
part-time job and volunteering while I was studying university, which allows me
to have a conversation with diverse people who work in several fields. One of
the facts that I picked up is, workforces at present are now extremely competitive. Especially in
Thailand as Thai companies compete on both national and international level so
that a postgraduate degree is indeed necessary for achieving my goals and
develop my career in a professional environment in the soon future.




Although, my GPA is insufficient for your
entry requirements. I would like to address the explanation of my performance
at university.  Unfortunately, my family
was able to support me only half of my tuition fees for my bachelor degree in
Australia since it is incredibly expensive compare to Thai currency. Therefore,
I need to work part-time while doing full-time study; in order to earn income
to fulfilled my tuition fees and living costs. In trying to do so I was not able to pay
attention fully on studies. I hope my relevant experience
mean that I can be taken into account for this course.


We cannot deny that Accounting is very
important sector in every companies. Because of this, I am interested to seek
further education in Accounting and Management field. In order to, become successful
in this field, advance training in accounting and related Modules such as
business planning, Entrepreneurship or global diversity management etc. are
essential. I am encouraged to study Master degree in Accounting and Management
by an understanding of the reality of the business environment and the need to
improving my own knowledge and professional abilities. I grew up in Thailand, one of the largest Asian exporters of
several agriculture products, my country is now increasingly exports goods to Europe
and North America. I hope studying
abroad will help me to develop my professional abilities by studying with
diversity of people from different cultures, expanding my international viewpoint,
learning communication skills, and refining my knowledge of accounting.

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