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Noticeable discoloration of teeth can be a physical handicap that
impacts on a person’s self-image, self-confidence, and physical
attractiveness. Managing discolored tooth has become a serious concern
with the increase in aesthetic awareness amongst the youngsters. Various
techniques have been employed for the management of such conditions,
one of which includes in-office bleaching with varying concentrations of
hydrogen peroxide (10-38%).This is considered to be an effective and
conservative treatment plan compared to restorations. Although bleaching
is said to be effective in terms of aesthetics, the deleterious effects
of bleaching agents on the tooth surface have been an area of concern.
One such significant determinant is susceptibility of the bleached
enamel to staining, especially right after tooth bleaching. Generally,
there is an increase in surface roughness of the enamel after bleaching
which enhances teeth staining by dye adhesion. Recently sweet potato
extract containing a high content of enzymes and antioxidants has been
employed as an additive to hydrogen peroxide in enhancing the efficacy
of bleaching and reduce its deleterious effects on the surface of the
enamel. Hence, the aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of
varying concentrations of sweet potato extract (SPE) as an additive to
10% hydrogen peroxide (HP) in limiting the re-staining ability of enamel
following in-office bleaching. A total of 20 incisor specimens will be
taken, stained, decoronated, sectioned into two halves and subjected to
the following groups with 10 samples per group. Group I – Bleaching with
HP without SPE. Group II – Bleaching with HP + added 2% SPE. Group III –
Bleaching with HP + added 7% SPE, Group IV – Bleaching with HP + added
10% SPE. Post-bleaching the CIEL*a*b* values will be obtained and the
color change will be calculated, after which the samples will be
restained and the obtained results will be used for analysis.

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