Nonetheless, The excavation was conducted by the team

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shading is mainly utilized to highlight rounded surfaces and remodeling. When
it is usually. employed, the source of light should be coming from the top left
of the illustration to ensure that all projections are depicted by shading
around the lower right, and yet depressions are highlighted with shading
towards the top left. Pretty much every material carries the distinct drawing
and also shading methods. As a result, for you to deliver the suitable
illustration it is crucial to assess the material of the artifact. Bones are
typically drawn with shaded views or simply unshaded outline drawings. Provided
the drawing of bone artifacts are shaded, after that stippled (Fig. 6), or as a
mixture of stipples with lines. (Fig. 7) In case, the metal object needs to
undertake the preservation procedure, it needs to be drawn before it, as a mean
of safety. All the iron sketches have to be done using x-rays, if possible, and
there are four distinct ways to draw the objects. Shaded parts of the object
with all the rust and corrosion, could be drawn and sections blacked in (Fig
8), nonetheless, from time to time, the density of the outer corrosion remains
not shaded in the particular parts of the drawing.In archaeological
illustration there are general drawing requirements: 1) accuracy 2) clarity 3)
informative content 4) sameness (the same layout of objects on the sheet and
the technique of drawing). The result of meeting these requirements is the convenient
reading of images and the possibility to get the complete information about
each illustrated object.


This coursework is based on the ‘Journal of the
County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol. 23, No. 3’ (1995) from
page 329-335 that is published by County Louth Archaeological and History
Society. The excavation was conducted by the team of the Irish Underwater  Archaeological Research Team (I.U.A.R.T). The
underwater excavation took place in October in 1992, the aim of it was to collect
the information about the archeological relics.

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