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The TMB recommended on 31st July, 1998, that Colombia should rescind the safeguard measures. The Colombian government accepted the recommendations of the TMB on August 5, 1998.

The European Union (EU) had imposed provisional antidumping duties on importers of unbleached cotton fabrics from India. This was the third back-to-back measure initiated on this item. India took up the case bilater­ally with the European Commission (EC). The Ministerial Councils of the EU decided on 5th October, 1998 to drop the proceedings.

The European Commission has initiated two parallel investigations, namely ant subsidy and antidumping proceeding concerning the import of Polyester Textures Filament Yarn (PTFY) originating inter-alia from India.

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The Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council is coor­dinating the defence of producers and exporters in the PTFY anti-dumping case.

However, the ant subsidy proceedings are being contested by the government of India also, besides the producers and exporters.

The EC had initiated antidumping investigations in September 1996, concerning the import of cotton type bed linen items originating inter-alia, from India.

Subsequently, the EC imposed definitive antidumping duty on imports of cotton type bed linen originating from India. The government of India has had one round of consultations with the EC’s on the subject and the process in on.

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