Nipkow for every. I consider it the most

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Nipkow Disk was revolutionary:

The Nipkow disk was created in 1884 and it became a
revolutionary invention. It is a rotating disk with perforations arranged in a
spiral pattern is the Nipkow disk. It also remained for decades in experiments
for transmissions of images and moving images. It a great invention that change
television for every. I consider it the most revolutionary invention in tv

Marconi Waves:

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Guglielmo Marconi invented long distance radio
transmission.  He used Morse telegraph
key to get connections from longer distances. His invention later became very
important if not the most important invention in television history. The waves
are still being used for radio stations all over the United States. The
invention help Marconi go to England to help them communicate with their thin
line of ships, so they could have an advantage over their opponents. 

Wireless Mania:

Wireless amateurs or know as hams are people who
filled up air with codes. The military and others wanted part of it too. They
wanted some of the wireless because they can have an advantage over opponents.
During the Boer War the British found out the Boers were also using wireless.  So almost everyone later found out that
wireless was being used by everyone.

Don’t forget the bulb:

Later on time a man named John Ambrose Fleming helped
Marconi a lot with the development of waves. What Fleming did was use a light
bulb to amplify the extension of radio waves. It help Marconi company in London
for the ships to defend themselves. A glass light-bulb helped Marconi company
so much it truly is a great adjustment to the Marconi radio waves. With the
waves being amplified by the light bulb it helped the radio waves become more
important for the development of television.

Music Boxes:

In 1920 the company RCA and a man named David Sarnoff
projected if they sell radio music boxes $75 dollars they would make 7.5
million dollars. But they were not ready to believe that music boxes will sell.
So, the RCA gave Sarnoff two thousand dollars to make a porotype. The
projections were correct in the end. Sarnoff saw that radio music boxes would
be a big hit in the world. 



In 1922 over 500 stations came on the air waves. Most
of them began as amateur operations because they used parts sold by the company
RCA. Some of the amateur stations used transmitters for broadcasting. Some stations
went to become WWJ of Detroit, and KNX of Hollywood. Only 35 stations had the
ability to reach the western region of the United states.  

Phonograph vs live:

A lot of stations began with records of phonograph.
Which means they used a record player to play music. What some the stations did
to compete with other stations, they switch to live performances. The biggest
problem was keeping people to listen to their station instead of switching
stations. Like in Detroit they had a man named Edwin Tyson to direct live
performances in a reception room.


In September of 1926 the RCA created a powerhouse in
radio and tv. The RCA created National Broadcasting Company also know as NBC.
This was great creating because the point was for NBC to only talk about events
that were important around the world that would be broadcasted throughout the
United States. Owen Young and James Harbord did not think NBC would be as big as
they thought it would be. NBC would be broadcasted in two stations WJZ and WEAF
also know as the red and blue network. This was a very important event in
television history. 


In May of 1930 the US department of Justice sued the
RCA, and other companies. The department of justice wanted termination of the
1919 to 1921 agreement of interlocking ownership and Directorates. This case
led to companies such as AT no longer had stock in RCA. If the Justice
department lost the case radio stations and tv would be imperiled. Which means
they would be harmed by the decision.


1932 was a big year for NBC. NBC had installed a
television station in the Empire State Building. This was huge for the
development of television, we all know what NBC is now. It was great move for
NBC it led to having the back then president Franklin Roosevelt conference and
other events. The empire state building was brand new when NBC moved to the
building. This is was very important in television history.   


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