Next at the moment but somehow he controlled

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Next day landon
finally got his permanent seat allotted in the next side of the wing as he
joined the office recently. He got himself settled and started again working to
the office and the tasks assigned to him that week. And his new project newly
assigned to him but luck took him again and the girl was there again. She used
to seat beside landon same side of the wing where landon is allotted to seat.
The joy in his face was clearly visible at the moment but somehow he controlled
his emotions and acted busy to his work. He started looking at that girl
frequently as he used to get any chance.”





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of January 2007, the day where it all began. 
Things have meaningfully  changed,
it is the day where, the girl who looked like his wife that passed away, worked
beside him. The feeling was surreal, and the feelings have resurfaced, but this
time the connection felt even stronger, it’s like nothing has changed except
the fact that the love and affection is at its highest limit.


began and approaching her was difficult, it was a mix of emotion from being excited,
nervous and anxious. The moment where we spoke to each other things has clicked
immediately, it’s like we already knew each other. Conversations were  filled withg laughter and so many crazy
stories.  Time has unfortunately stopped
as lunch time finished,  before leaving I
anxiously asked for her name and if all is well her number. All of a sudden she
whispered such a beautiful name in my ears. Her name was Kate.


As we
get to see each other more in the office and having lunch together, the more landon
gets to know kate. He finds out cool things about her and the same goes for
kate. One day kate came in the office looking sad and upset, we went for lunch
together to give comfort for kate. Sadly she has expressed a very horrible news
to Landon. “I went to see an oncology
this morning and unfortunately they told me that I have cancer’ . Landon
couldn’t believe it as he feels that he is relieving the past, he immediately
felt frightened as things are only just getting better for Landon and he
doesn’t know if things are going to get better not just for him but also for


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