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New year? New goals! Just when you thought you were one stepcloser towards reaching your target weight, you gobble down a big, fat bar ofchocolate.

Is that anxiety knocking on your door? It is important that you goout for a run and inhale that fresh morning air. You know what else isimportant? Some me time with your phone and an app that can calm those stresshormones down.”Let me help you.

Talk to me. Get it off your chest andyou’ll feel better,” she texted her best friend.No reply.”Hello? Don’t just vanish away in your own bubble. It willonly make you overthink unnecessarily,” she texted again.No reply.What people don’t get quite often is, that sometimesinvasion of personal space can make matters worse.

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That is why people like herbest friend choose to isolate themselves from ‘people’. Their affinity to lovethose people does not change, but  justin that moment, they need some space to breath on their own – maybe to listento a sad song or two on YouTube, to fill their notes with raw thoughts sittingon their heads, or to read quotes by, say, Rumi. The common denominator here isyour phone.

For all these activities that you may be doing under your blanket,you will have your phone in your hands. While you’re at it, you might as welltap into another world of relaxation; a world some brilliant mindfulness appscan introduce you to.Here’s a list of some of the best relaxation apps for 2018that you should download right away!1.      Simply Being If you’re a beginner, this one’s for you! Trueto the art of meditation, Meditation Oasis has designed an app that promotesdeep relaxation and stress relief.

It makes it to the top of our list becauseunlike most other relaxation apps, it is not overly clouded with meaninglesscontent. Firstly, SimplyBeing  allows you to choose theduration of your meditation session. One really good feature it has is theliberty of being able to manage the volume ratio of music to the voice overthat guides the user throughout the session. Another feature worth mentioningis that you can minimize the application, and it will keep instructing you. Sofor instance, if you have an important e-mail to tend to, your meditationsession will not be disrupted (well, unless it is a rejection for a job you mayhave applied to!) 2.      Calm Reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel happier.This is what the producers define ‘Calm’ to aim to do. One may argue that spending hours on your smartphone is not thebest way to do away with that anxiety; there is no denying the importance of anearly morning jog and some fresh air to calm those stress hormones down.

At thesame time, some downtime with our phones has become a necessity and, if thattime is spent on some relaxation apps (in moderation of course), it will be allthe more beneficial.

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