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Nelson Mandela accomplished many things during his life. During his lifetime he made a lot of change around the world. Nelson Mandela also made the Mandela foundation, which still continues his mission today. He dedicated his life to fighting for change. Nelson Mandela was an amazing person, who saw injustice, and wanted to make change. 
Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo, Transkei, he was named Rolihahla Mandela.  He was the first person in his family to get an education, he went to the College of Fort Hare, that is when his teacher gave him the name Nelson. In 1939, he enrolled in University. During his second year he dropped out, because of all the inequality and the racism at the university. He the joined the ANC, (African National Congress) so he could fight for his rights. In 1961 he was arrested for leading a 3 day strike, he was given a five year sentence. In 1963 he was given a life sentence, for being in the ANC.  The ANC led protests against the racist laws that oppressed African Americans.
Nelson Mandela is a modern day prophet, because he was much like Daniel from the Old Testament. Daniel  refused to obey king Nebuchadnezzar, because it went against what he believed. Nelson Mandela didn’t obey the government, because it was against equality for al people. Both of them were also persecuted by their leaders. Daniel was sentenced to death by lions, but God saved him. Nelson Mandela was given life in prison, but got out in twenty-seven years. Daniel, had to give up his life, for standing up for his beliefs. Nelson Mandela had to give up twenty-seven years for his belief. Nelson Mandela and Daniel were both standing up, but sir leaders did not approve. They both wanted to save their people, and both were sentenced to death for it.
There would be a large impact on racism around the world, if Nelson Mandela’s message was still being spread. Many people are still effected by inequality, and Nelson Mandela would have done everything in his power, to help those people. He could have made a difference, because he was a large influence on the world, and he was a political leader. Nelson Mandela spread his hopes throughout the world. I believe he would still be a very important voice to this day.
Nelson Mandela had a very important role in society. His work is still being done by the Mandela foundation. He never gave up fighting for justice, and for his rights.Nelson Mandela is a very important modern day prophet, because of his work. He has forever changed the world.

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