The geometric forms. These shapes and animals can

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The Nazca Lines are located between the Inca and Nazca valleys about
200 miles south of Lima, Peru. The phenomena is an assortment of complex
lines and figures that draw out animals shapes and symbols. The Nazca Lines
are 37 miles long and 1 mile wide. There are 70 animal forms and 900
georgraphical forms which include shapes, and geometric forms. These shapes
and animals can only be viewed from the sky. For examples monkeys and
spiders as well as triangles and circles.

In the 1940’s, American explorer Paul Kosok visited the Nazca Lines
and thoerized that the lines served as an enormous astronomical

Another theory was developed by an English explorer, Tony Morrison.

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He suggested that the people of the Andes Mountains created these lines as
a means of religious tradition in which they created shrines on each end of
a line and would more from shine to shrine praying and meditating.

My Opinion
I believe the Nazca Lines were not just a decoration but an important
aspect to civilization.

I don’t believe that the Nazca lines served as an enormous
astronomical observatory due to the fact that the number of lines that were
astronomically significant were only about the same number that would be
the result of pure chance.

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