“Naval boats is not easy for some people

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“Naval power was notable large in size to those nations committed to the fighting of World War 1. Torpedo boats are small and fast ships made to carry torpedoes into war. Torpedoes are weapons with an explosive warhead, that are launched above or below the water and pushed underwater towards a target such as a ship or a battleship.” These torpedoes are really bright, effective and explosive. Torpedo boats were made by “Germans and they are Henry R. Sutphen of Electric Launch Company and his designers (Irwin Chase, Bill Fleming, and Glenville Tremaine.)” Torpedo boats were made in Germany and Torpedoes were made in the United Kingdom. Germany is in Western and Central Europe. Torpedoes were made by a different person, that person’s name was Robert Whitehead in 1866. “He created the Modern self-propelled torpedo. Some names of torpedo boats are USS O’Brien (TB-30), USS Somers (TB-22), USS MacKenzie (TB-17), USS Shubrick (TB-31), USS Stockton (TB-32) and USS Thornton.” At that time when torpedo boats, often referred to as PT boats, were used in attacking enemy shipping and naval forces under cover of darkness and bad weather. Some of these torpedo boats sunk to the bottom of the ocean or sea and some of them didn’t get wrecked or hit by anything and are still used in the US. or another country Navy today. Torpedo boats are used to attack other Naval Ships on sea or ocean in secret or for battle in a war such as World War One and Two. Life in Torpedo boats is not easy for some people in the Navy, and these difficulties are: No exposure to sunlight, Long work hours and rotating shifts, Fresh Air, Skin begins to smell like diesel fumes, Being and Getting Emotional and finally and most importantly and Missing Family and Friends. Some people or citizens or maybe no people ask this question, “Why did people decide to go to war?” The answer to that is that war confers many things on boys or girls who pick up a weapon to fight. They learn the true meaning of fear. They test their own capacity for courage and the limits of human endurance. Teenagers at the age of 16 or higher had no chance but to go to war for their country. Many teenagers have died in World War 1 and the number of teenagers were about millions. One of the youngest death of a teenager was named John Condon, he was only 14 years old when he died but his body was found at the age of 18. People wanted to serve in the World War because they wanted to protect their way of life and wanted to protect their country. Torpedoes are really strong explosive missiles launched under or above the surface of a body of water such as a ocean or sea and attack what target it is launched at. An example is that, the Royal Navy had blockaded Germany at the start of World War I. When RMS Lusitania left New York for Britain on 1st of May 1915, German submarine warfare was intensifying in the Atlantic and sent a torpedo and attacked the Lusitania from coming into the War Zone. People don’t know what was on the Lusitania and if it had to deal with American supplies for war or America trying to trade and travel to Britain. It is a mystery because no one knows what could have contained on the ship,

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