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    Natural Selection is an idea coined by the infamous naturalist Charles Darwin. The idea of natural selection is programmed into every animal in the kingdom. Natural selection is the idea that the weakest links in a species die out and the strongest survive. In order to survive you compete for: food, mates, shelter, etc. This is linked to two paths on a road called competition; one path says it’s needed for higher achievement while the other path says it’s not. Additionally, in Kurt Vonnegut’s story, “Harrison Bergeron,” competition is taken away by things called handicaps that make smarter people more stupid and stronger people weaker in order to keep balance. In addition, another article written by June Kronholz called “Competition Makes A Comeback,” she talks about the thinking behind the competition and how it affects people. Fiction and nonfiction are two sides of the same coin; when linked with competition both of these genres can support the idea that competition is required for higher achievement because: competition can be fun at times, Creates innovation in societies, and promotes self-growth.     Competition is overall a fun thing; It comes in different forms. It can range from Spelling Bees all the way to the Olympics. However, it is necessary at the same time to keep the world balanced like the food chain does. In June Kronholz article “Competition Makes A Comeback,” she quotes people who participated in spelling bee events and how they are achieving much more than a simple competition. Arjun Kandaswamy, a contestant from the 2009 National Geographic Bee, not only finds joy in spelling bees but also  “gushes endearingly about the joys of geography. Even studying it four hours a day, “geography is never a chore,” he assured me.” (Kronholz Competition Makes A Comeback). His statement in the article shows that competition can be enjoyable. He’s a hard worker and his love for geography and his education, in general, isn’t a burden; if that were the case then he wouldn’t have been in the spelling bee at all. On the Contrary, In Harrison Bergeron, there wouldn’t be any spelling bee competitions at all. This results in students like Kandasamy, not being able to achieve anything. Enjoying competition is something no person in the Harrison Bergeron Universe would ever understand because the competition was thought of as a terrible crime. Many people force their kids into doing things they don’t want to do, that could be one reason why competition is often seen as a bad thing.  It’s common sense that everyone likes different things and would want to compete for different things. Competitions have two outcomes you win or you lose, but in both scenarios, you always have an experience you can learn from.     Innovation is always linked to the idea of competition. Innovation is a substantial force that can possibly lead to a cure for cancer. In a society that thrives in the industry, there will always be competitors.  Competition goes even farther than the Industry it goes to as far as the early as the ancient Greeks and the Olympics. “Americans thrive on competition. It’s why our phones are smarter, our farms are more productive, our athletes run faster, our pop stars are raunchier, and our lives tend to be better every year.” (Kronholz Competition Makes A Comeback). This quote exemplifies the idea of how competition is making its way up society and making changes never seen in the past. In Harrison Bergeron, big competitions like this wouldn’t exist because of the stress of the fact that competition always leads to war and corruption. People in Harrison Bergeron wouldn’t get the cure for new diseases might come out of nowhere. Without Innovation, our society would have died out even before concrete society was even formed. The Neanderthals wouldn’t have survived without their idea of using stones as weapons to protect themselves; they also would have died of weather exposure and hypothermia without the fire they made with innovation. Innovation itself is a human idea that only a very select few of species are able to take advantage of.     Every society, industry, & student has a starting point; but when you look back they weren’t always the best at what they do. They got here by hard work and most of all competition. Societies naturally have the law in competition in them, this can be called a hierarchy, a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority (Webster Dictionary). This is also true for any industry or student as well. Every student has been in kindergarten and etc; what the Society and Industry put together don’t have in common with students is the fact that students are way smaller than any society or Industry. In June Kronholz article Competition Makes A Comeback she suggests that “Teachers and researchers grumble that the law focuses teachers’ attention on getting youngsters over a bar of minimal competency. There’s no reward for getting stronger students to proficiency, or really bright kids to some advanced level. “Kids in the higher ranges of knowledge or skill find classes pretty desolate these days,”  said UVa’s Tomlinson. No Child Left Behind critics also contend that the law has narrowed learning to what’s on the test, and spelling, geography, and science aren’t.” This relates to the idea of self-growth from competition because it shows how students who are ahead of the game are being forced not to challenge themselves and prevent self-growth. On the other hand, the students who are a little behind get the pleasure of self-growth. This is a big example of how win-lose situation can affect students. This is same in Harrison Bergeron in a way the smarter people are given handicaps which makes them stay level with the people who are behind. These Handicaps limit the potential of someone restricts self-growth to prevent the competition from ‘corrupting’ their mind. This relates back the students who are smarter than average and being limited in the classroom by The No Child Left Behind system. In conclusion, competition has a lot to offer for almost everything we take granted for in our lives. Competition gives us a sense of enjoyment. It also gives us our daily pleasures like technology, fast food, etc. Lastly, It gives us a chance to improve ourselves in almost every way possible. In the end, Natural Selection is still one of the purest forms of competition that will never change. Works Cited”hierarchy”. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 16 Jan. 2018. .Kronholz, June. “Competition Makes a Comeback.” Education Next, 3 Mar. 2016,, Kurt. Harrison Bergeron. Mercury Press, 1961.

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