Nails salon is one business that has gained popularity with
the increased demand for the services they offer. It is, therefore, essential
for such service providers to render quality services to increase customer
loyalty due to the competitive nature of the business. As a volunteer assistant
manager, I had to familiarize with the environment to create a rapport with the
customers and the employees. I am positioned at the business’s front office
desk, and this implies I have the responsibility of ensuring that the nail
specialist at the salon meets each client’s needs. One of the most important
responsibilities of manager assistant is to field complaints from unhappy
customers. The tricky job is to handle an unsatisfied customer and the
technician who provided the service without losing either. If you handle the
situation carefully, you can actually create deeper loyalty by solving a
problem well than if you had never had a problem at all. On the day I
volunteered, there was a customer who after receiving our services complained
that they did not match her expectations. She claimed that she would not pay
for the services. But the customer who gives you an opportunity to fix a
problem is one to be valued. So many clients will simply just leave and never
tell you the reason why. We were thankful for the complaining customer because
she is giving us the opportunity to keep her business.

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