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My name is Brenda Villanueva and I’m a Sophomore student studying Marketing at the University of Florida.

Food science encompasses various fields of study such as biology, chemistry, nutrition, and engineering. These disciplines combined are used to study the composition of food, “such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water and the reactions they undergo during processing and storage”. (What is Food Science? 2015)

Due to food science being a multi-disciplinary field, the career possibilities for the field are very vast and varied. The range of careers includes food scientist, food chemist, meat scientist, product development scientist, and so many more. The need for these careers has grown exponentially over the years largely because of changing consumer demand. Today’s market demands more simple, convenience foods that are easy to prepare. Thus, careers in food science have become more popular to ensure these ready-to-eat foods have quality, safety, and nutrition. (What kind of careers do Food Scientists have?)

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Marketing is mainly concerned with the buying and selling of products and services. It deals with advertising, selling, and delivering goods to people who need and want them at a price they can pay. (Marketing 2015) Regarding the current demand of ready-to-eat foods, my career in Marketing would allow me to determine which specific brand of food will sell in certain areas. For example, selling the spicier food option to a geographic area that prefers spicy food, such as Texas and California, would sell the product more effectively. When advertising the product to sell, I would oversee branding and packaging so that the aesthetic of the product will entice people to purchase it. For example, I could choose to place a visually-pleasing meal on the cover of the packaging to motivate buyers into choosing our brand over another. In addition, marketing will also allow me to set the price at which the product will be sold. The price is a primary purchasing motivator when buying goods. As a marketer, I would determine a price that, if optimal, would best sell the food. By doing so, food scientists and their respective companies can rest assured their product is being distributed to those who do, in fact, want or need it at a price they can afford.

Understanding food science would greatly help my career if I decide to enter the food industry. Knowing specifics on how the food product is created, for example, could allow me to use those factors to sell the product. Thus, ensuring the best product, checked for quality and safety, will reach all consumers.

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