My trip to FloridaWinter 2017 From December 24 to 29, 2017, our winter break, Mom and Dad took us on a trip to Florida. The main reason we came was to escape the winter weather in New Jersey. On the day when we arrived in Orlando, the temperature reached 80 degrees, meanwhile in New Jersey it was below freezing. The other reason we came to Florida was because Mia and I wanted to visit Disney World. Even though we had visited another Disney park in California (I also went to Disney in Paris), the Disney world in Orlando is the first and the original Disney park. At first, we planned to drive to Florida, which would take about 2 days to get there. But at the last second, we decided to fly. I think it was a much better choice. Spending 2 hours on an airplane is much more comfortable than 2 days in a car! Mia and I would go crazy in the car for 30 minutes let alone for 2 days.On the first day, we went to Disney Magic Kingdom park by riding the hotel shuttle bus. It was Christmas Day and there was a traffic jam to get into the park. The experienced bus driver told us it would take 2 hours to get in. So, instead he dropped us off at Epcot to take the mono train to Magic Kingdom. This was a much quicker way to beat the traffic. When the train passed by the main entrance of Magic Kingdom, I saw many cars were waiting on the long line and I can feel how relieved the drivers were when they finally entered the main entrance after 2- hour wait in a line. My favorite part of this day was “Fast Pass”. This was a reservation you can make so you can skip the long wait time at the lines for the rides. This was tremendously helpful because the lines were much longer than usual, and I am not a patient person. The park is huge, and I felt like an ant in a watermelon! We spent significant time walking and searching for our activities. At the end of the day our legs were all throbbing.  We had planned to go back to the hotel to rest, then come back to watch the parade and fireworks. But, on the way back to the hotel there was a lot of traffic. So, we decided not to return. We had our dinner at McDonald, where there was a lot people because it was Christmas Day and one of a few restaurants open that day. It took 40 min. for us to have our food on the table. Fast food turned into “slow food”!On our second day of our vacation, we had breakfast with Disney characters. They were Goofy and Pluto. I suspected it was the same person dressed up for both because they did not come out simultaneously and their movements were similar. We did not eat a lot because we were busy taking photos with the characters.After we were done eating we walked to Disney springs, right next to our hotel, to buy some souvenirs. I chose 2 Mickey Mouse figures and Mia picked a stuffed animal. We also challenged each other to run though the fountain. That was very fun. We then headed back to our car to start the 3-hour drive to Miami. On the highway Mia had to use the bathroom. Therefore, we started to check out the different sings for the restaurants. We finally found McDonalds that may have a bathroom. When we were in the parking lot we accidentally found a Chinese restaurant (Little Asia). So, we all voted to eat there. We had to wait a long time for our dishes, because there was many people who ordered in front of us. Since I did not eat a lot of breakfast. I was tremendously hungry when waiting for our food. I even ate a loaf of plain bread! But it was well worth the wait because the food was upright delicious.After lunch Mia and I took a nap during the remaining portion of the trip to Miami. This helped make time pass by much faster. When we finally arrived at the hotel we went to the beach. The beach made me feel relaxed. In my opinion I think the beach is much better than Disney world because Disney world was crowded, however the beach had few people. The sand feels great and the sky was blue, and the temperature was high. I wish it could be like this all year round in Jersey! On the third day of our vacation a lot happened. First on the way to a beach in Miami, Mia elbowed me in the nose. Then I thought up of a way to get revenge on Mia. The plan was that I would write a fake letter from Santa saying that since she elbowed me, she won’t be getting any gifts this year. I had already typed the letter and sent it to my printer. I am just hoping this plan would work. But after that incident everything was fine. We tried to enjoy the beach but there was a tremendous amount of people and the temperature was high. Not only that, my dad can’t find any parking, so we left. When we got in the car I turned on the AC to its lowest temperature. I was still blazingly hot, but my dad was freezing. After, we headed back to the hotel. We then went to the beach close. There I dug a huge hole. Mia and I initially dug the hole to make a mini swimming pool for our feet. But then she realized the sand absorbed the water. So, I had the idea of burying me in the hole. Mia was so annoying. She kept on dumping cups of water on me and making the sand extra wet. The sand was already super wet due to the rain. Since I dug the hole so deep, it was hard to get up from the hole. I also got covered in wet sand that was stuck to my shirt, so I decided to run into the ocean to clean off the sand. But my feet were still covered with sand. Since we still had to walk back to the hotel I had to put on my shoes. But when I tried to walk the leftover sand scratched my feet and made it ridiculously hard to walk. Then I saw a huge puddle of water that had flooded in a parking lot. I decided to walk through the puddle to clean my feet. That turned out to help a lot because I can now walk properly and not like a chicken. All in all, this was the best beach day I had ever experienced. There were, few people on the beach and the temperature was just right! Not too cold and not too hot. Also, the sand felt perfect! It was moist and soft. It was not too powdery and not too hard. The beach was amazing.   It is raining hard outside as we arrived at Hugh Taylor National Park after a long drive from Fort Lauderdale in Miami. During the long car ride, me and Mia were playing a game of tic-tic-toe. This helped time pass by quickly. We heard about the famous banyan tree in the park. So, with a lot of time and effort we finally found it. This is the strangest tree I have ever seen. It has roots coming from its branches and the roots also wrapped around itself. This type of tree is known for its unusual shape and roots.Besides the banyan tree, we also saw many other kinds of tropical plants. There are also different animals like raccoons and tortoises. When we were driving through the park we saw a raccoon trying to cross the street. Unfortunately, we did not see any tortoises.The park also has an underground tunnel to the beach. I thought that the tunnel would be fun, but it was closed. I was looking forward to seeing it. Anyway, you can still get to the beach by crossing the street. Me and Mia were “sanding the ground” and digging holes in the sand. The best part was that I buried my feet again.It was a fun day, but at the end of the day I felt a little sad because it was my last full day in Florida. But things will always come to an end, disregarding if its good or bad.We then started the 3-hour drive back to Orlando. On the way we ate lunch at Chick Fli-a. This is like McDonalds with super good service. Chick Fil-a also has table services. I never knew that fast food would have table services. The chicken nuggets are whole pieces of chicken rather than shredded chicken. The food there was good, but it was imperfect. There is no BBQ sauce for the nuggets and there is not most options for drinks. But it was outstanding for a fast food restaurant.When we were done eating we tried to visit Donald Trump’s summer house. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to because he was currently inside the house and the secret service is blocking the road. So, we then headed to the high way, so we can go back to Orlando.Since we were renting a car we must refill tank. The gas stations in Florida are all self-service, we had to figure out how to use the gas pump. When my dad tried to pay with his credit card it was declined, and it said to see the cashier. It still did not work so my dad payed with a different card. Once we arrived at the airport (where the rent a car company is) we drop off our car and cheeked in our hotel. This hotel is inside the airport terminal. However, this hotel was big, and It even had an outdoor pool and fitness center. When we went the pool, I did not stay in for long. The water is cold and if you are out of the water it will be even colder. We ate dinner at the food court inside the airport terminal. This place does not feel like a real airport! It feels like a huge shopping mall. We ate pizza with fries in our hotel room. After that we went to sleep because we must wake up early tomorrow.  When we woke up we went to the cheek in desk to cheek in out bag. The person was nice to let us pass even though our bag was overweight by 2 pounds. The security cheek was not a huge help because the line was super long. It looks like it would take a few hours, but it only took 30 minutes. Once we were at the gate we had to wait 1 hour to board the plane. I realized that we got the window seat and the middle seat, but I would like to sit in the aisle seat. Therefor when we got on the plane I asked if I could switch seats with the person. And he arrived so we switched seats. Then I found out that the seats in the front were much bigger and had more leg room than the ones in the back. And Mia and mom were sitting in these seats are called United Economy Plus. So technically they got a free upgrade. Once we were off the airplane on onto the jetway, it was freezing. And tomorrow it would snow! This is low temperatures compared to Florida! Since this was a domestic flight we do not have to go through customs. So, we went right to the baggage claim that we were assigned too. We were waiting there for a long time. Then we heard an announcement that our carousel was changed. We then rushed over to the correct one and got our bag and left for home. At the mean time my Mom is calling an uber ride home. The ride home was about 30 minutes. I slept the whole ride home. When we were finally home, I just remembered my plan to get revenge on Mia! But I was too late because she was already upstairs opening her gifts. I was so disappointed my plan did not work. Because we were all so hungry we ate lunch right away. My dad made noodles for lunch. That tastes sooooooooooooooooooo good. After lunch I stared to write this journal. And clean up my room to prepare for school. I guess this is the end of my vacation! So, it is:THE ENDBy Max Hao 1/3/2018

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