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My interest in the STEM field is not just limited to the environment of the classroom.I love the subjects, as they promote a style of intellectuality that is not just applicable to an equation, but rather, the concept allows for a stream of thinking that can be applicable to everyday life.Aside from improving one’s knowledge on the topic, the left-brained topics allow one to become more analytical, articulate, and develop problem-solving skills.This, however, travels much farther than postulates and theorems in a textbook.You can do so much with seemingly simple, concrete topics. For instance, from the fourth-grade year up until the seventh grade, I was involved in the STEM program of the city of Rahway, that met each summer for three weeks or so.Throughout these years, I started to view math and science as extremely rewarding and fun topics rather than the boring and drawn out topics seemingly every other student in the grade had thought.I was able to think this when we had utilized science, technology, engineering, and math, to compose racing tracks in our school gym and construct cars to race each other with, taking a so-called monotonous subject and shedding a whole new light on it.The competitive and intricate aspect of the field had intrigued me so much and completely changed my outlook on STEM. I believe that if I had the opportunity to further build on my interest and skills in STEM already, it would not only benefit my academic career, but it will also influence my character and pastimes to revolve around the rewarding subjects. They will greatly impact not only my education by my life.Being a part of an education system that centers around these four themes would prove a great opportunity to profess my love for the STEM field with my peers who have similar interests and passions, and it will greatly help me contribute to my future intellectuality and personal skills.

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