Romeo as the sun as Romeo says. Oh,

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Romeo and Juliet Married Happily Ever-After?!?
Many will speculate about this question, others may guess., but you have to look at the facts in order to correctly judge these two young lovers fate. Let us start with the basics in solving this equation and some information about the characters. Romeo and Juliet have married, but what are the chances that they will live happily ever-after?
MONTAGUE- his father CAPULET- her father
LADY MONTAGUE- his motherLADY CAPULET- her mother
BENVOLIO- their kinsman NURSE to Juliet
ABRAM- a Montague servingmanTYBALT- kinsman to the Capulets
BALTHASAR- Romeos servingmanPERCRUTIO- Tybalts companion
Montagues and CapuletsBoth have their differencesBoth really hate each otherBut you know what they say about opposites dont you? Well this is a good example of that never forgotten theory. They were like a magnet and a paperclip when they first met each other, both have never seen anyone more beautiful than each other in their lives! It was love at first site. But Romeo has had his troubles with girls in the past. He has just gotten out of a terrible relationship with a Montague named Rosaline, she told him that she didnt loved him any more. This, of coarse, broke his heart. Romeos friends try to get him to find another girl and be free of this depression, so they go to a Capulets masquerade party disguised with their masks. There he meets the ever-so beautiful Juliet.
Aahh yes, Juliet, she is as beautiful as the sun as Romeo says. Oh, but Juliet is having a little bit of trouble too. She is getting pressured by his family to start thinking about marrying someone and doing this, and doing that.she feels very confused right now. Her mom wants her to marry a man named Paris, but she really doesnt know yet Anyways, they meet in a masquerade party and they really like each other.They like each other so much that they really dont care that they are from different households. Later after the party, they meet each other again under Juliets balcony and decide to secretly get married the next day by a man named Friar Lawrence. Lawrence thinks that this marriage will finally bring the feuding families together
There, now you know the facts, but you must understand the hate that these two families have for each other. They have had many fights in the streets of Verona that Prince Escalus says that if they fight again, that he will kill them. Tybalt wants to kill Romeo and Juliet doesnt want to marry Paris, but Paris doesnt know that, so if he finds out about this secret love of hers, he will be outraged. Tybalt doesnt want Romeo around any more, and this hate may cause a conflict that might get someone killed. Friar Lawrence thinks that this is a good idea for them to get married because he thinks that this will end the feud between the families. So much can happen in a short amount of time that may end the relationship quicker than it started.

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