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My motivation to pursue engineering took roots during my formative years as my family has been associated with this field for over two decades. My father runs a chemical manufacturing business, while my maternal grandfather retired as a chief engineer from Gujarat Electric Board. Their achievements in the respective domains motivated me to pursue my career in a challenging field and this is when the seeds of interest for this branch of study were sown in me and persuaded me to study Production and Industrial Engineering.

Splendid performance in my higher secondary examinations (86% in tenth grade and 79% in twelfth grade) enabled me to pursue my studies at VIT University, Vellore, a premier university ranked as the top most private institution in the country. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelors of Technology in Production and Industrial Engineering, with a current CGPA of 8.23/10. 

The motto of my undergraduate university, VIT – “A place to learn, a chance to grow”. This is very apt for my case, coming from an entirely different part of India. I got to interact and learn from people all over the country. This also presented me with numerous opportunities, I gained in depth awareness and knowledge about concepts in production systems through multiple courses during my undergraduate schooling. During the Product Design for Manufacturing course, I realised that it was my true calling as the intersection of mechanical designing and its manufacturability was something that required the most attention in order to make the designed product a reality. With an additional interest in production planning and control. I got to work on many cutting edge projects. While working on my project and spending four years learning the subjects that entail this branch, I feel that I am yet to learn completely, and hence want to pursue my interest in more depth by doing a Masters in Industrial Engineering 
My past work on a project in the area of industrial engineering and operations research was carried out in a team of three on industrial symbiosis as “FOSTERING SYSTEMATIC ECO-INNOVATION IN A INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS ENVIRONMENT USING DEMATEL TO PLOT CAUSE AND EFFECT RELATIONSHIP”. The information generated can be used to decide appropriate category on which the department should focus on in order to have the most impact in order to develop the most productive and low cost strategy. My final year thesis(On Going) is on” Fault Diagnosis of a Reciprocating Air Compressor Using Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic”. This research is aimed at determining the useful life of an air compressor before it reaches its failure point.

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As my course progressed, I made the best use of the opportunities available. After completing second year at my college I joined a valve manufacturing company named – Sahajanand Valves Ltd. as a trainee engineer, where I got hands on experience about the actual working of a manufacturing unit and was guided on different types of valves and various kind of processes carried out in order to manufacture the product. The second opportunity I got was to join in as an engineering intern in the country’s most elite manufacturing company named Larsen & Toubro, where I was placed in the Turbine and Generators department in which I was exposed to heavy technology and workplace management. I learned the importance of assertiveness, punctuality, precision and discipline while working on a project using the concepts of 5S production system. There I understood how turbine and generators of supercritical category are manufactured. I also got a chance to understand  how various departments works and its linking with each other. In order to receive more industrial exposure I joined a company as an engineering intern in parallel to the final year thesis of my undergraduate course.

While pursuing my undergraduate course I tried my best to take the knowledge gained outside the four walls of the classroom, in order to make this a reality we formed up a team of 15 members where we would manufacture a solar electric vehicle. The team was divided into several parts for carrying out different tasks, I was assigned the steering and manoeuvring department as a head and had to work in harmony with other departments in order to achieve our goal. For this we have to work while attending our classes regularly, hence we are students during the day and at night we combine our efforts together to achieve our goal of manufacturing the vehicle. The team then eventually represented the university in an Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) held at Asian level in which  around 140 teams from different institutes participated, where our team acquired a whopping twenty first position.

The choice of Master’s Program is closely linked to my interest in the field along with emerging industrial scenario in India. The government of India through its policy and regulatory initiatives has embarked upon massive drive to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and make India a “Manufacturing hub” on global landscape. Pickup in FDI is already happening. Japan and China have recently announced heavy investments over the period of over ten years. Ratings by economics times states  “India will have a GDP growth of about 7.5% in the year 2018 leaving behind China for the first time, owing to an expected upgrading in the business environment”.

In the short term, I look forward to working with top companies like L&T, Daimler . As my objective is to work in a challenging manufacturing company, it would be a privilege being educated in an institution as As a college graduate, I need to start building a strong base in the industry with the skills acquired in all these years of learning. The Master’s Program at your esteemed university will surely help me cement my credentials and propel me to my goals of becoming a part of a top-notch organization . My long-term goal will be to earn new and challenging responsibilities within the company and meliorate to a superior position. 

Provided a opportunity, I shall attempt to conduit my immoderate hard work into further industrious opportunities

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