My files used in Photocast was about 1%

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My exposure to academic research
started very early during my undergraduate study at PESIT. My first project,
“JFLAP extensions for Instructors and Students”, improved upon an earlier
extension of specifying the correctness of automata construction problem
programmatically. I collaborated with three of my peers and developed a simple
and intuitive means to specify correctness of automata construction problem. We
co-authored a paper on this project which was accepted at The 6th IEEE
International Conference on Technology for Education.In my second year, I
worked on “Feature extraction from retinal images” at the Center for Computer
Vision and Image Processing. As a group of four, we developed a tool to extract
features from retinal images. Our tool greatly reduced the time required by
doctors to analyze retinal images. My passion for educational technology led to
the project Photocasting as my bachelor’s thesis project. I teamed up with two
of my peers to devise a novel technique that could reduce the cost of creating
and sharing digital lecture notes by the Instructor. This application,
implemented on Android platform could be advantageous in terms of sending
digital lecture notes to rural areas through social media platform (eg.
WhatsApp) as the size of the files used in Photocast was about 1% the size of
the video lecture explaining same concept.We presented our work at The 24th
International Conference on Computers in Education in 2016. I completed two music exams Praveshika
and Prarambhika from Akhila Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal and am a
trained Harmonium player. I also interned at Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd,
Bangalore during which, I contributed to the Business Intelligence Team. I
enhanced features of User Interface screens for the Business Intelligence Apps
using Angular JS.  Currently, I am working at the Tesco
Bengaluru on the Retail Demand Forecasting team. I develop RESTful webservices
in Java using Dropwizard and Hibernate framework.

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