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dream took place at the Singletary Center here at UK and I was watching some
sort of performance kind of like the ones you go to see on cruise ships. I was
with Logan, a guy from one of my favorite TV shows, Gilmore Girls and I believe
we were dating. After the performance ended, I ran into my boyfriend Garrett in
the hallway. I was begging him to care that I was with someone else and he was
so uninterested. He just kept walking away and I just kept chasing after him. I
remember I was angrier than I was upset. I think remember I headed back to my
apartment. and Garrett was sitting on my couch in my living room. I walked in
so confused and he just stood up with his arms open and said, “Jeez you need to
learn how to take a joke.” (something he always says) and we laughed and things
were back to normal.

think I had this dream because I can be really insecure in my relationship, but
in the end, I’m ridiculous for it. Being with Garrett is the first truly
healthy relationship ive been in and it scares me sometimes how much I care for
him and I believe that reflected in this dream. Ive had many dreams similar to
this during our relationship and Sometimes I get in my own head thinking about
past relationships and I start to question the one I’m in now. I believe the
dream was helpful though because the ending of the dream, where he comes back
and doesn’t actually leave was basically reassuring myself that everything is
fine. I do not see any connection between the dream and previous or upcoming

wish-fulfillment is the main theory that I believe is true. Wish-fulfillment is
your way of expressing feelings you might not want to think about consciously.
With this theory, your dreams have a hidden meaning that sometimes you wouldn’t
even realize unless you spent time thinking about it or looked it up. In regard
to my dream, I believe Garrett “leaving” but ultimately still being there was
my way of telling myself that he isn’t going to just up and leave. I also
believe the beginning of my dream where I was begging him to care was showing
my insecurities in my relationship. I realize I need to come to terms with this
insecurity and not let my past relationships affect my new one anymore. Freud thought
that dreams were used to understand inner conflict. There is no scientific
evidence to prove this theory so are many critics of this theory.

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is basically your brains way of processing your memories and the day’s events. Unlike
Freud’s wish-fulfilment, there is some studies that actually gives evidence to
this theory. When people were tested the day after learning something, the
individuals who had been sleep deprived did not do as well as the people who
slept well throughout the night. In regard to my dream, the only part that I
can relate is that I watched the show, Gilmore Girls, and that’s where the
character Logan came from. There also is a possibility that the whole idea of
begging Garrett to stay could have come from Gilmore Girls because there is a
scene where Rory the main character is begging Logan not to leave.

activation is the theory that dreams are your brains way of unifying random
neural activity. PET scans of people sleeping showed that there was increased
activity in the amygdala during dreams that were deemed as emotional. I believe
this theory is the hardest to relate to my dream because this just sort of
relates to dreams in general and more just the scientific evidence behind it. The
only way I can see to relate this is the fact my dream was emotional to me
because I thought I was begging Garrett to care and he just didn’t. In regard
to neural activation, my dream would have caused my amygdala activity to be


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