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name is Maddie Hoffman, and I am writing you to introduce myself. I graduated
in the spring of 2017 from a small private school, my graduating class was only
18 students. Since I went to such a small school I grew very close with my
teachers and I knew what they expected from me and my assignments. Now that I am
starting ENG 111 I am excited for the opportunity to learn from new teachers,
but I am also nervous because every teacher is different and each one likes
assignments to be done a certain way. I am an auditory and visual learner, I tend
to take in information the best when someone is explaining it to me while
showing me how to improve with examples.

            Knowing that this will be a new
experience I am eager to push myself into situations that I am not comfortable
with and come out of the experience knowing more about the information and
myself. Since I am still deciding on a subject to major in, my goals for
attending CPCC are to take classes that take me out of my comfort zone to help
me determine what subject I am passionate about and pursue that as a career.

            Outside of class I work weekends at Old
Time Pottery. Since I started working there, last fall, I have become more
comfortable speaking to people; I have always been very quiet in school and
have had a fear of public speaking, which I am still trying to overcome. On the
weekdays, I spend a lot of time with my family, my boyfriend and my cats. My family
is extremely close, even though my older siblings live in Iowa with their families.

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I also enjoy knitting and have recently taken up cross stitching because of
these interests and my love of cats, my friends and family think of me as a cat

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