My profound interest, as it stands today, into the field of aerospace has been augmented by a collective of experiences. I remember the first time at the age of 12, when I saw an aircraft flying, I was fascinated by what I saw. I was amazed about how a giant machine could soar so swiftly in the air. This was the fuel that lighted up the fire inside me. This was the day when “A for Apple became A for Airplane” for me. After seeing my interest in aircrafts my father bought me a book titled “Wings of Fire” an Autobiography of DR. A.P.J Abdul Kalam written by Dr.Kalam and Arun Tiwari. It was based on Dr. Kalam’s early life, effort, hardship, fortitude and luck that eventually led him to lead aeronautical, space and rocket technology. Flight is a cardinal fascination for me and I am totally inspired and galvanized by it. We can move through water without boats and move across the land without cars, but we cannot fly without machines. This very thought inspired me and made me curious about the science of flight which propelled me towards the profession of aerospace engineering.


I remember once my father told me that he won’t ever mind if I aim high too high and miss but he will have a real issue if I am too low and hit. He told me good enough isn’t good enough if it can be better and better is not good enough if it can be best. The faith and support that he had in me really made me believe that some people make their lives happen, while others let life happen to them. I wanted to be of the former kind which leads to my inquisitive nature. Slowly this driving force and learning developed into an interest in science and technology. Realizing the necessity of a conducive atmosphere to nurture my interests, I secure my admission for an undergraduate program majoring in aerospace engineering at Amity University Haryana, India.


During my bachelor’s programme at Amity University, from the beginning I have stressed extensively on design, propulsion and structure related subjects and scored a consistent ‘A’ grade in subjects like aircraft design, aircraft stability and control, airplane performance, flight dynamics, aircraft structures, heat transfer, jet propulsion, aerodynamics just to name a few.  My software and practical skills are reflected through my grades in practical exams of Jet Propulsion, High-Speed Aerodynamics, Mat lab, Advanced Auto Cad, Computational Structural Analysis and Airplane structures lab which have also never gone below ‘A’ grade. I hold a GPA of 7.06 on a scale of 10.

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I have always believed that knowledge is best gained through experience and I had always tried to take part in various academic projects and I have also founded the Amity Astronomical Association (AAA), an astronomy club during my freshmen year under prof. Dr. Jagdish R Luthra, Director of Engineering of the Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET), a former NASA, Pentagon employee and an astronomy enthusiast we organized various presentations and after-college stargazing sessions on the campus grounds using high power telescopes. During my second year, I led a group of four students under professor Air Commodore J.K Thakur (Retd.) to take part in the 2013 annual “design-build fly” competition held at Tucson, Arizona, USA and organized by the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). We successfully designed, fabricated and demonstrated flight capabilities of an unmanned, electrically powered, radio controlled aircraft built according to the competition guidelines to simulate real-world aircraft design and flight experience. During my final year, under my Professor Manish K Bharti and another aerospace undergraduate student, I carried out extensive research in the field of solid rocket propellants for my major project. We assessed the variations achieved in burn rates of potassium nitrate-sugar (KNSU) propellants as a result of incorporation of different additives in varying weight percentages. The study concluded that Activated Carbon (AC), among the other additives, can be utilized in significantly small weight percentages, to avail the highest increment in burn rate and, thus, the specific impulse of potassium nitrate-sugar (KNSU) propellants.



I received a great deal of practical as well as industry knowledge during my internship at HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS Ltd (HAL), Bangalore where I worked as a trainee for helicopter maintenance engineer for 30 days in July 2014. During my internship, I carried out in line and major maintenance on helicopter components and learned about the different tools used during component repairs and participated in different maintenance activities. I have also had a good exposure to the basic helicopter structure and learned practically the operation of each system and related sub-assemblies. I have also attended a number of technical conferences held by the university on turbine propulsion and design-related research and also hold a student member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) which gives me access to local events, national conferences and research papers.


Besides excelling in academics, I have a great interest towards sports and music. I play guitar and was also a part of a rock band in my university and we competed and won in three inter-university Battle of the Bands contest. Throughout my middle and high schooling, I was an active participant in sports like basketball, volleyball, cricket, and taekwondo. I had won various accolades at the school level and I have also represented my university team in different competitions and won two cricket and one basketball tournaments. Owing to my leadership qualities, I was selected to be part of a central team responsible for organizing two annual amity inter-university fests of 2013 and 2014.?


I would like to be involved in research ranging from the future of aircraft design to the advancement of the propulsion system. I want to learn the fundamentals and discover my potential in designing and building the machines of the future. I wish to change or contribute to the change of a subsonic fixed wing aircraft for better efficiency, fuel consumption reduction, engine emission reduction and future propulsion systems and design. I strongly believe that I will have the chance to combine my passion, life experiences and my academic knowledge in order to succeed. Being part of the vibrant and mixed community is the type of environment in which I want to be submerged so that my necessary skills can be nurtured.

I consider myself to be an ambitious, determined and diligent person which I believe will help me with the competitiveness required to succeed in today’s world. I hope to achieve thehighest success in my career, live life to the full and strive to reach high goals that I have set for myself.  Admission in the aerospace/aeronautical program at the university will help me strengthen my hold on the subject and allow me to use that knowledge professionally.



I sincerely hope to get a chance to be a part of the fall 2018 class at and pursue my masters in aerospace engineering. I look forward to a positive reply.

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