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My main goal in life is to use my passion for biology to make a positive impact on the world – this is why I wish to pursue a career in medical research. I am humbled yet inspired by the thought of my work improving or even saving the lives of countless people I will never meet. I have received an offer to study Natural Sciences at Clare College, Cambridge, and I believe this course will prepare me for this profession.I realised that I would enjoy a lab-based career such as medical research when I undertook a work placement in a microbiological testing laboratory. In addition to assisting in routine tasks, I also completed an individual project in which I investigated the number and species of microorganisms growing in different areas of the workplace. The placement taught me a lot about the skills I require to succeed in my chosen career, and I am constantly seeking to apply and improve these skills to increase my chance of success as a research scientist. I enjoyed the opportunity to protect people’s wellbeing by ensuring their products are safe to use. Due to my passion for these fields and my desire to succeed academically, I have engaged extensively in expanding my knowledge of biology and chemistry outside of the school curriculum. My fascination with antibiotic resistance began after it was covered at a lecture at Cambridge University that I attended, and in my own time I am currently undertaking an EPQ (a 5000 word essay) on the topic. I feel that this project will be excellent preparation for study at university and I am greatly enjoying the opportunity to research this issue that captivates me not just due to the fascinating biology underpinning it, but also because of the immeasurable positive impact that advancements could have on the world.I aim to achieve 4 A* grades at A-Level in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and German. My record of academic success is consistent- last year I received the Year 11 Prize for my GCSE results of 10 A*s and 1 A, and this year I was awarded the Lower Sixth Prize for Achievement. Furthermore I achieved a Gold award in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad and I am participating in the British Biology Olympiad this year.I also aspire to reach fluency in German, a subject which I have found extremely enjoyable and intellectually stimulating since I began learning it at age 11. Last February, I took part in the German exchange – for one week I lived with a German family in Bad Homburg. Attending school with my exchange partner was an invaluable experience which greatly improved my German speaking skills and knowledge of the language, and I remain in my contact with the family that hosted me. My academic success in my language studies was rewarded by my school when I achieved the Modern Languages Prize. To further improve my proficiency I plan to spend time in Germany when I attend university, and I am also considering undertaking my PhD in a German-speaking country. Due to my past achievements and extensive preparation for the future, I am greatly optimistic about my future prospects, and I look forward to dedicating my life to taking on the greatest challenges that will face medical research in this century.

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