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Musculoskeletalimpairment is considered to be one of the common impairment in developed anddeveloping countries like India with nearly 25% of adult suffering from chronicmusculoskeletal pain, out of which females are more affected with 31.

3% thanmales with 20.9%.(mus in capital)Musculoskeletaldisorder is an utmost important health topic in women. It is expected thatalmost all women go through some degree of disability due to musculoskeletaldisorder  (m aspect in preg)    which causes pain and affects the mentalhealth and social health of the people ,which directly considered to affect thequality of life of patients   (burden ofmajor m control)   . The term musculoskeletalpain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that occurswith or without the presence of actual or potential tissue damage inmusculoskeletal system.

  (multi-site) The WorldHealth Organisation defines musculoskeletal disorder as “a disorder of themuscles,tendons,joints,intervertebral discs,peripheral nerves and vascularsystem,occurring in the neck,shoulder,elbow,hand/wrist and low back”.    ( Msd consequence of prolonged static pos)  A musculoskeletal disorder occurs wheneverthere is injury to a body part due to hard work,stretch on soft tissue whichimpacts directly on it functions at a greater level it is prepared for.Theimmediate impact may be minimal,but when injury occurs more often due toconstant trauma it leads to damage.  (musculo disorders in piano players)Musculoskeletaldisorders are said to affect the activities of daily living in adults comparedto any other disorders.40% of all chronic conditions are due to musculoskeletaldisorders,which has further led to disability in 54%of population and 24% ofthe population were affected with activity limitation.

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  (burden of major m control)   The prevalence of musculoskeletal problemsin northen india has reported to be 59.4% (  occp health )    where the prevalence of disability due tomusculoskeletal problems in countries like Canada,Europe,USA was reported as4-5%.        (burden of major m control)and innetherland it is 53% in men and 57% in women.Hence they have also concludedthat musculoskeletal pain was higher in women in comparision with men.  (prev in higher)

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