MUMBAI hitech buildings are so poorly built that

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MUMBAI FLOODS: GOD’S WRATH OR MAN’S BLUNDER??29th august 2017, is the day mumbai can never forget. The whole city was drowned due to floods and left hundreds of people stranded and billions of dollars in loss to the government and causing death to more than 20 people. Its the 2nd extreme rainfall recorded after the 2005 mumbai floods. Many people got stranded, many got lost in the night. Only one question arises now, what is the reason behind these extreme weather calamities? Is it because of god’s wrath or man’s blunder?I can see its mans fault because our cities can withstand upto some extent with these kinda floods, but mans too much interference with the nature made the disaster. Can we account these calamities for just climatic changes? No!! There are many things to be taken into consideration. 0. CLIMATIC CHANGES 0. COUDNT PREDICT THE INTENSITY 0. FEWER STORMWATER DRAINS IN CITIES 0. ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTIONS RESULTING FOR NO PLACE FOR THE WATER TO DISSOLVE 0. POORLY CONSTRUCTED INFRASTRUCTURES TUMBLING DUE TO INTENSE RAINFALLSclimatic changes like extreme weather(both hot and cool) results in unstable should control pollution to bring everything under control.When it comes to foreseeing  the disasters, GLOBAL CLIMATE MODELS(GCM) should be used for more perfection.Stormwater drains should be built in more number and should not be mixed with local drains.This allows for systematic disposal during floodsThe main problem to be avoided is ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTIONS OF BUILDINGS EVERYWHERE. this results in less land for water drains and the water to dissolve in to the land, because its cement everywhere. Government should demolish all illegal constructions and save these cities from drowning.Lastly, all the hitech buildings are so poorly built that they just tumble easily. I have seen architechture from british period stand still in these floods. Maintain some quality in building something. I conclude by saying, none can stop natural calamities, but we can reduce the instensity if we follow the above precautions. Only thing is man should stop being fucking greedy. He is so consumed with greed that he is bringing death upon himself.

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