Mudasiru Oluwafolakemi.

1.     Several
internal environments are affecting the Creekside outdoor gear co. firstly ill
start with the culture, Joe was kind of relaxed and didn’t want to push his
products because he thought having quality products would make people want to
buy from you. The culture was staying back and letting the product sell itself.

The younger demographics a lot of them buy named brands. He also doesn’t have
any research and development team which would help him know the right
demographics to attend to, the right products to make in order to make sale. When
he gets a sales force to help with the problem of for who to produce and what
to produces, he needs to have a good supply chain and distribution capabilities
in order to move his products to order parts of the country and possibly the
world, this might also mean he would have a bigger production team. Some
external factors affecting the business, environmental impact the business was
situated in the northeast which is a cold region of the us and its easier for
his products to be bought and used because the company makes cold weather
sports clothing. Social and cultural factors the demographics for the company
are changing from the older to younger generation which likes more colorful and
flashy clothes and lighter clothes but has proper warmth.

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2.     Joe
trying to hire 2 people. Joes should hire the relationship selling approach
person because joes himself is a transaction approach selling, it is a business
strategy that focuses on single, “point of sale” transactions. The importance
is on boosting the efficiency and capacity of individual sales rather than building
a relationship with the buyer, he believes in the product selling itself. If he
hires someone who’s exactly like him he’s risking having the business run the
same way and if he’s trying to expand he won’t be able to. What he needs is the
relationship approach who would construct a thorough response marketing
campaigns which highlights customer preservation and satisfaction, rather than
a focus only on sales transactions. He needs to build a customer base and get
his product out here and expand his business. Every business goal is to make
profit and if joe wants to make profits he needs a good customer base, who like
and would refer his great product to other people and that would also help get
his profit margin up. There’s a difference between transaction and relationship
selling approach, companies who are already established tend to use transaction
approach but if youre thinking of expanding relationship is the way to go,
because you’re also building credibility of the company and brand.

3.     Joe
definitely needs sales manager that understand the market and help build a
customer relationship, he needs a sales manager who would be responsible for
leading and guiding a team of sales people in the organization, he would also set
sales goals & quotas, build a sales plan, analyze data, assign sales
training and sales territories, mentor the members of his/her sales team and
are involved in the hiring and firing process, Hiring a sales manager would
definitely be profitable for the company. He would need to allow the sales
manager to hire a sales force which would be responsible for that’s responsible
for selling products or services. Assessing his current sales force is an vital
step in the advancement of deciding whether and how to grow the sales team.

Other options he can consider is social media and advertisement. Since he’s
getting a younger demographics and they’re more invested in social media. These
are the things his sales force would know about and understand and that’s why
it would be best for him to get a sales manager and a sales force.


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