Moyn and Monir Islam are everything that you expect an ordinary person living in the UK to be. They have worked in restaurants, at retails stores and Monir has even driven a taxi for a living. But one thing that sets them apart from others was their mindset. Going through their lives, they felt suffocated and trapped just living from pay cheque to cheque. Despite making ends meet and being regular with their bill payments, they believed they were meant for bigger things. As they say, in the middle of difficulty lies the opportunity, destiny presented Moyn, who was 23 at the time, with an opportunity in the form of network marketing and it immediately struck a chord with him. In his own words, Moyn says “It wasn’t hard for me to see the possibilities which this business could bring… The concept of residual income. When I saw that, I was blown away.”Fascinated with the future prospects, Moyn later introduced Monir to the industry.From an early age, the brothers had dreamed of owning a business and working for their own selves. When the opportunity presented itself, network marketing, they quit their full-time jobs and worked passionately on it day after day. Six months down the road, they had made less than £500 and two years later found themselves staring at a debt of £50,000. Monir remarks “Looking back, it was a bad move leaving our full-time jobs but at the same time, it worked in our favour as we had no other option left. The only option was to make it work, however, I recommend everyone to not to leave their job or traditional business until they replace their existing income with their part-time network marketing business.”It was indeed a blessing in disguise and the brothers today have a 6-figure monthly income in their current venture. With numerous years of experience behind them, they have coached and guided dozens of leaders who are also raking in a 6-figure monthly income with a network that has surpassed 30,000. And all this in a span of last 4 months. Can you tell us about Team Revolution Network? Why have you chosen to be part Omnia tech?We were fascinated by cryptocurrency and luckily were one of the early adopters of the technology. Less than 6% of the world’s population knows about cryptocurrency, less than 4% know what cryptocurrency is and less than 1% actually own cryptocurrency.Team revolution network is just a group of individuals who took upon themselves to educate people regarding cryptocurrency and simultaneously help them develop cryptocurrency portfolios while minimizing risks. Omnia tech is a transparent cloud mining company that makes accomplishing the same with a few easy steps. What would you say to people who say bitcoin is a bubble? This is all noise. Here’s what you really need to understand. The basis for the development of cryptocurrency was the Great Recession observed around 2008 and subsequent years. The value of the US dollar depreciates year after year as the underlying financial infrastructure is broken. High transaction fees and outdated operation methodology result in high transaction costs that eat into people’s hard-earned savings. With some of the biggest financial institutions going bankrupt in 2008, the trust of people in government and private financial service providers was shaken. During this time Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown founder of Bitcoin, released a whitepaper on a decentralized virtual currency which would prevent one or a group of individuals or organizational entities from controlling it. A peer-to-peer system would act as an infrastructure for executing the transactions of the virtual currency, Bitcoin, resulting in lowered transaction costs. The system was characterized by its anonymity that allowed user confidentiality and was built on the Block Chain technology that eliminated errors. The concept generated interest and in a few years, multiple virtual currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin emerged. Besides Bitcoin, numerous other virtual currencies promise a bright future. Omnia tech is different from the crowd as they give the customers an option of choosing the coin that they think are going to yield the highest profits when mined and have great future prospects. Considering the fact that market cap of cryptocurrencies is in excess of USD $700 BILLION, cryptocurrencies are here to stay having already surpassed market cap of corporations like Disney, Wal-Mart, and VISA. And every revolutionary technology has had humble beginnings. Be it Apple, Netflix or Amazon, they wiped their established competition into oblivion as they were based on technologies that no one had imagined before. The blockchain is another powerful technology that is going to revolutionize the way world functions. Every business and industry across every domain is going to be impacted by it. The world doesn’t realize the potential of the blockchain, but the technology has announced its arrival and it is going to put on a spectacular show for years to come. We asked them what separated them from others in the business, and what they attribute their continuing success to: 1. Self-motivation2. Find a mentor – Find a mentor who can guide you and exactly follow what they do. We could have avoided a lot of the mistakes if we had a mentor in our early days in the industry.3. Learn the art of storytelling – Speak in pictures. What this means is to build a story around the company, product, or service and then convey it to people. Duplicate this throughout your team and teach them to duplicate the process.4. System – Follow a system that is duplicable. People don’t care how successful you are unless you can show them how you did it and guide them to follow it. 5. Being emotionally strong – Moyn and Monir are very strong emotionally. They push their team to spend time on self-development whether it is personal development or learning more about the industry. And lastly, treating the business as a business and maintaining professionalism are of utmost importance. 

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