Most to an article, “Why Clone?” it

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Most people
often wonder if cloning organisms are good or bad and whether they should
consider cloning their pet or not. Well, in my opinion, I believed that cloning
is good and I approved of the idea of cloning organisms because it can be used
to help find a cure for a disease, reduce the time needed to make a transgenic
animal model, make offspring for infertile parents, and can be used for medical
purposes. Although, some people may believe that cloning is bad because cloning
undermines the scared and intrinsic value of what a unique life is all about in
the world, according to “Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty” article. But I believed
that cloning is good and can be benefits to the world.

begin with, according to an article, “Why Clone?” it stated, “Cloning can make stem
cells that help researchers understand the disease and develop treatments to
help find a cure for it.” This means that cloning help make the stem cells, and
since the stem cells can become any other type of human cells, it being used to
develop cells like pancreatic cells that can be used to cure diabetes or
cardiac muscle cells that used for curing heart disease, and many other type of
cells that can be benefits and help find a cure for disease.

     Additionally to that, as stated in
“Cloning is moral” article, “Reproductive cloning will have legitimate uses for
infertile couples and for preventing the transmission of genetic diseases.”
This expresses the idea that reproductive cloning is used for reproductive
purposes for infertile couples, which mean they can’t reproduce or have
children. With reproductive cloning, parents can improve the genetic makeup of
their children to prevent them from getting genetic diseases and to prolong
their lifespan.

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     Another reason why cloning is helpful is
it helps save a lot of time. In the passage, “Why Clone?” stated that “Cloning
could help reduce the time needed to make a transgenic animal model, and the
result would be a population of genetically identical animals for study.” Based
on this evidence, I conclude that since creating the transgenic animal model is
a time-intensive process that requires trial and error and several generations of
breeding so it took a lot of time, therefore cloning could help save a lot of
time and make the process much faster.

     Lastly, cloning is used for medical
purposes. As stated in the “Why Clone?” article, “Cloning for medical purposes
has the potential to benefit large numbers of people.” This reveals that
cloning helps lessen the suffering and could save a person’s lives, and it
could make a person recovery from traumatic injury much faster, and scientists
used cloning to produce the life-saving medication that helps cure diseases.

     Cloning has a lot of benefits to the world
we live in, but people don’t often realize that and they often argued that
cloning created genetically identical organisms and that its lack of diversity
or that everyone is unique and different, therefore human cloning could
diminish the sense of an uniqueness of an individual. People don’t look on the
bright sides of cloning so they don’t understand how cloning can help find a
cure for diseases, it uses for medical purposes and help treated people, how it
can be used to reduce the time needed to make a transgenic animal model, which
can save a lot of time, and to create offspring for infertile couples that can’t
reproduce or have children. Cloning is good things and can benefit the people
and help save thousands of lives.

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