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Monte Python Compare/Contrast
Paragraph #2
Scene: The Holy Grail
This scene starts out with King Arthur and his nobel knights walking through a path. Then the skies open up and God speaks to them. Arthur, Aaaarthur! (Monte), says God. Arthur answers and asks what God wants. God requests that Arthur go search for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is generally considered to be the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper, and the one used by Joseph of Arimathea to catch his blood as he hung on the cross (Waite, 4). This scene does not portray the real-life happenings of the situation. It is correct that Arthur went on a quest for the Holy Grail. But how he found out he had to take the journey was unlike the movie. In real life, God did not literally part the skies and start speaking to King Arthur. King Arthur and his knights thought it was their duty to quest for this Holy Grail. In the time of Arthur, the quest for the Grail was the highest spiritual pursuit (Weston, 19). That is why Arthur decided to seek the Holy Grail. You can notice that all movies need to stretch the truth, and this scene is a perfect example. In conclusion, this scene had the right concept, but how it was lain out in the beginning, apparently misled viewers from the accurate facts.

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