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t, even when the results of that research are contMoney spent on research is almost a good investment, even when the results of that
research are controversial.

Here we are talking about a good investment on a controversial research. A good investment is something where we get good returns. Research has always been a good return as it throws light on some of the hidden information. In this fast growing world information is power as well as key to success. Research is an active, diligent and systematic process of inquiry in order to discover, interpret or revise facts, events, behaviors, or theories, or to make practical applications with the help of such facts, laws or theories. Investing money on such a thing always proves to be fruitful. The success or failure of a research is measured as how much it is going to help the mankind. But in the end whatever is the result I think we all get a better picture and become aware of some information which was hidden from us. Ultimately once people come to know about the research then these people only decide whether it is a controversy or not.

Looking into some of the controversial researches till date The Human Cloning Successfully created cloned human embryos for the purpose of extracting their stem cells. Those are the building block cells that ultimately develop into all specialized cells and tissues of the human body. This in itself has two sides one it has enormous life saving potential, people can be cured from a range of diseases from diabetes to Parkinsons to Alzeimers and the other side is the reproductive cloning, which is the effort to produce a human child or baby. Being in a controversy still this proves to give a new hope and life to the people suffering from diabetes, Parkinsons or Alzeimers to name the few. Investing money in something which is for the better of the mankind in itself can be appreciated highly. What can be a better return than bringing smile on millions of faces. But at the same we should not ignore the other side of the coin which can prove of going against the nature and feelings of the mass of producing a human child from cells. In these cases we should know to draw a line between what needs to be followed and what not.

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Another controversial issue to be looked at is the Animal testing where people have invested huge amount of money to cure some life taking diseases. We have come up with lots of vaccines against diseases like rabies and measles and other drugs, like penicilins to save many human lives. But at a place where we are heading towards advanced medical technology we should also think whether we are acting as barbarians causing pain and distress for the animals involved, which usually results in their death. In such cases we should come up with a neutral way of investment which will prove to be a benefit for both humans and the animals.
Controversy is an important part of an scientific practice. This is a part of the process by which society understands and comes to grip with scientific progress. In some cases, moral and ethical questions surround scientific issues, as in the controversy over the management of genetic information. For example, in Iceland widespread genetic screening and the unique history of the island combine to produce a database of genomic information that will be very useful for learning more about human development, physiology and disease.

Research contoversies push the process of scientific investigation forward by highlighting the absence of information on a particular point. Raising awareness of the question, the debate sparks further, which ultimately improves our understanding on that particular topic. This dynamic aspect can surprise many students and encourage a deeper, more compelling engagement with scientific topics. In doing so, people themselves can become knowledgeable participants in debates over controversial researches and whether that comes out to be a good investment.

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