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  Mistakes are part of life.”Making mistakes does not mean you’re a failure. It means you’re trying and learning in life.” We can learn from our mistakes. Somewhere in the line, we tend to make the wrong decision, but as we get to know what our misunderstanding is. We can learn after you admit you’ve made it. Because mistakes can sometimes teach us about what we should do to make things better. Taking responsibility and facing up to our mistakes is a  exceptional way to learn, and to avoid doing the same thing again. But if you’re overthinking on your mistakes and it is getting down, there are things you can do. Mistakes that discipline me into the person I am today. We can become a better and new person by learning something, move on positively and make you a better and a new person.         Do you ever have those times when you are thinking of something that you do not want to say out loud, but you end up saying it anyway? That happened to me a few times. 2 years ago, I was talking to my best friend about her birthday present. I complained to her that she has not used the sweater I gave her for her birthday. I end up saying something really mean to her. She would be aggravated by me. We stop communicating for a few weeks. After a few weeks later, we saw each other at a cafe. Back then, I did not know what friendship was. I was just a shy girl who sat in the back of the class. Then, there was a girl who suddenly came up to me and said,” Hi, my name is Tina.” I began to smile and replied,” Hey, my name is My.” We talk for years and became best friends.When it was my birthday she gave me a shirt. She did not complain about me wearing it. I realized something come in my mind. I felt sorry for what I did. When she passed by me, I decided to apologize. That made me the person I am today, I learn to think before I speak. I have made mistakes without even knowing it and end up regretting it later on.       Not long ago, I decided to join a sport. I really wanted to play tennis, so I decided to join. On the first day of practice, I struggle and keep on making the same mistakes. I was frustrated and devastated that the coach will not let me compete. I said to myself,” you can do this!” When I keep practicing and have my friends help me, I was better at it. I know that nobody is incomparable. Some people complain that I keep making the same mistakes over, but little did they know that I would keep going until I succeed at it. Everyone in this world makes mistakes. I just need to stay positive and I will be okay. Just because today is distressing does not mean tomorrow would not be substantial. I just need to get there.      Some people in this world trust people very quickly. Like me, I made mistakes of trusting people easily an going by their words. Back then, I was a foolish girl who trusts people words. I did not realize they were fooling me and I would sob all day at home because I was self-conscious. When I surround myself with people I love, I became a new person after a few years later. I learn to never forget myself in the process of being with others.   Everyone in the world makes mistakes and learn from them. I personally believe making mistakes have made me a new person, be more positive, and I get to learn new things. When I learn from my mistakes, I become more powerful and the mistakes that I learn gives me strength. Sometimes I have failed a couple times before I succeed, but making mistakes it means you’re failing. We should stay positive and learning from it will make you successful. I keep on learn from my mistakes, stay positive and that makes me the person I am today.

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