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Mintzberg defined strategy as a pattern
found in stream of decisions and there are five different modules involved in
it. Planned strategies insist on having clear intentions to face any situations
backed by a formal control. The power is given to the leader and that person is
considered as the central authority. Emergent strategy is an evolving strategic
tool where no prior decisions or planning is made to handle any issue or
situation that may happen in the future (Bozkurt & Kalkan, 2013). The
Virgin Group started from a small record company has always invested in
companies that it believed would be successful and runs most of its businesses
in joint ventures. The company plays a safe game in the industry and
continuously studies the market to operate in an effective manner.
Organizations that follow planned strategies focus on team building and
employee collaboration.


Virgin Management Ltd. works as the
central authority of all businesses and indulges in providing advice and
support to them. Branson has a business development group, strategy and
financial advisers and a press office along with him at centre. This means that
the founder of the corporate group believes in planned strategy to enhance the
image and market share of the organization. Human Resources essence in the
corporate world is strategic and aligning them properly attributes to the
success of the firm. It helps in offering a strong administration and value
that can improve the organization’s performance. By giving the employees value
and acknowledging their work and suggestion increases the brand image of a
concern thereby increasing value among customers (Kiptoo & Mwirigi, 2014).
Virgin Brand is consequently rated as a good place to work with and many
aspiring, talented individuals are chosen by the organization to create a
virtuous cycle. The company also maintains a good rapport with its shareholders
that helps it earn good name both internally and externally. 

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