Minimizing the effects of depression and scientists still

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Minimizing the amount of harm being brought upon an undeserving living thing should always be a priority. The argument has been made that “some information is better than none” concerning animal research. The flaw in this logic is that it neglects the fact that misleading information can put people at risk. Using non-predictive animal experiments can produce misleading safety data and cause potential treatments to not be pursued and misdirecting limited research funds from valuable research methods. When the negatives outweigh the positives it isn’t hard to deduce whether or not something is justified. Animal testing isn’t just going to disappear. Efforts to reduce it more and more until it is only used as a last resort need to be made as well as to improve computer modeling and in vitro testing so that these methods are the primary research methods and then animal testing will default to being the final course of action.The purpose of using animals in scientific research is not meant to bring harm to undeserving animals. Scientists utilize animals because they provide extremely valuable information that is imperative for the millions of people suffering from conditions that don’t currently have satisfactory alleviations in addition to developing preventative medicine. Whenever there is an adequate alternative to animals it should be used in order to reduce the most amount of harm possible. But the problem with some of the alternatives, computer models in particular, is that they cannot provide the answers that scientists need that could be answered with the use of animals. Simulations can only function with the information produced by scientists for the computer program. Provided that the scientists know enough information for the simulation to be successful, computer models can be extremely accurate and provide results without any extraneous variables to obscure them. But if the scientists do not know enough about what they are studying then a computer model will not be a sufficient method of research. Researchers can’t simulate something they don’t have information for. For those suffering from clinical depression, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are an essential that could not have been developed without tests on animals (Chu-Carroll). SSRIs  are a class of drugs that suppress the effects of depression and scientists still don’t really understand the mechanisms of action that make SSRIs effective. Simulations are not effective enough to understand why these drugs work, only real life tests can provide these answers.

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