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It seems very interesting to ask what beauty actually is. Generally people agree that beauty depends on their outlook in society nowadays. If you are a boss, you will definitely pick the person with the better appearance. But how can you make yourself stand out from 6 million of people? It is not surprising that some people will have plastic surgery to achieve their dream. People realize that looks are important for success. So, is it beauty equal to success? THE TREND OF BEAUTY MARKET What is happening in today’s society? It seems that the most fashionable thing among celebrities is plastic surgery.

Everything from tummy tucks and chin implants to eye lifts and breast implants have taken effect more than ever. The plastic surgery becomes more popular than the past because of the improvement of medical technology and financial clout. Today, Thailand has become a surgical hub. In some researches point out that no country can compete with Thailand totally because of its popularity and attractive price. WHAT IS PLASTIC SURGERY? It is body image surgery. A patient’s request for surgery is motivated by their experience of body image dysphasia.

In addition, the goal of any plastic surgical procedure is to produce positive changes in body-related cognitions, behaviors and emotions. This is the magic of plastic surgery. By modifying the body, psychological change can result. Plastic or reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is that specialty concerned with acute and non-acute conditions which may be congenital or acquired as a result of trauma, disease, degeneration or ageing in patients of both sexes and all ages. Its aim is the restoration or improvement of function and the normalization of appearance and well-being.

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There are different types of plastic surgery such as Blepharoplasty which is created above the eye by scalpel or by needle and thread. Botox which aims to diminish wrinkles is injected into wide cheeks so the muscle will atrophy and the cheeks will shrink. Nose enlargement is that some substance such as hyaluronic acid is injected or synthetic cartilage is surgically inserted in the nose. CASE STUDIES Nowadays, more and more people have begun going under the knife as well. People have always been aware of beauty being a powerful force, but beauty was hardly ever described as an autonomous characteristic.

Beauty was usually related to certain values such as moral, intellectual or religious values. But is it totally true? Let us begin with the poster boy and girl for plastic surgery. Now I’m sure everyone is aware of Michael Jackson’s undying obsession with plastic surgery. The discolored King of Pop has had more nose jobs than all of Hollywood put together. Whereas he began as a typical African-American child with typical African-American physical traits, Michael changed practically everything about himself, including his skin color! Even if his skin condition physically whitens his epidermis, he still helped the process.

Michael Jackson before Michael Jackson after It is never been easier to satisfy people vanity. Here are some of Hong Kong’s most popular cosmetic indulgences. Nose enlargement, face slimming, blepharoplasty in Hong Kong. Why do people think beauty is very important? Psychologist stresses that the people have always been aware of beauty being a powerful force, but beauty was hardly ever described as an autonomous characteristic. Beauty was usually related to certain values such as moral, intellectual, or religious values. THE DEVELOPMENT OF PLASTIC SURGERY When do people have the concept of plastic surgery?

Some of the earliest records of reconstructive plastic surgery come from sixth century India: the Hindu medical chronicle Susruta Samhita describes how noses were recreated after being chopped off as punishment for adultery. Although reconstructive operations have been performed for more than two millennia for treatment of injuries, ritual purposes and, occasionally to repair defects caused by punishments—origin of the called “Indian method” of nose reconstruction, it was not until the last century that the term plastic surgery was first used by German surgeons predominantly dedicated to the replacement and repair of facial tissues.

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