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Mexico’s most urgent issue that it is currently facing is the ongoing drug war. The drug war first became recognized as a major problem in the early 2000’s when major drug lords began fighting over territorial operations. Since then, the drug war has caused much violence for the entirety of Mexico. Between only 2006 and 2013, more than 60,000 people were killed as a result of the war. Additionally, the drug war has led to extensive political corruption. Drug cartel leaders have been found to have bribed politicians, judges, and police officers. As far as efforts to amend these issues, President Felipe Calderon instigated a full on “war” against the drug cartels. He initiated a militaristic approach, due to the corruption of the police. His plan was to shut down drug cartels by arresting or killing the leaders of those cartels. However, his plan was unsuccessful, because eliminating the leaders of the large cartels simply left smaller cartels fighting to inherit the business. The United States has contributed $2 billion in funding towards reducing the flow of drugs into the United States, but nothing substantial has changed with regard to the drug business between the two countries.    One way to tackle this major problem would be to create a more effective partnership between the US and Mexico. The United States is the greatest recipient of drugs from Mexico. The main benefit of this approach would be that if the two nations would work in alliance, it would be easier to reduce the drug flow from Mexico to the United States. Without the US as a main buyer of drugs, the situation would de-escalate. A downside is that this approach seems unlikely to happen, due to our current President’s position on a relationship with Mexico. Another downside would be that it would take a long time for the United States and Mexico to reach a conclusion with specifics on how to implement more security and to actually put it in place. So, this external approach could be successful but seems improbable for now.     In contrast, an internal approach would be to work to reform the police force. The level of corruption within the police force is extensive, and addressing this contribution to the drug war would definitely help the issue. A benefit of a program that would redesign and improve the police force and law enforcement integrity levels could be very effective. A drawback to this approach would be that a program of this kind would require a lot of effort to put together and could be very difficult to get the public on board. However, a strong law enforcement program could really improve the criminal drug issues at the root internally, without needing additional help from outside nations.As an expert in this field,  I believe that working to reform the law enforcement in Mexico is the best course of action to take at this time. The drug war is a major issue that needs to be faced immediately, and through implementing a program to redesign the police force and reduce corruption, it can be improved. Resolving the drug war issue by forming a more concrete partnership with the United States would simply take too long and seems extremely unlikely during this current presidential term. 

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